Thursday, January 16, 2020


vision, bring to life

I am absolutely convinced that 2020 is going to be the year of transition, transformation, and awakening for many of us.  However, a lot of it is going to take some real talk and realizations.

Change is never easy, no matter what it is.  But, wouldn't you rather be Happy & Healthy than staying in a situation or environment, relationship or a job that does the opposite

Familiar, Fear, Safety and Comfortable:  All words that will get you killed in this lifetime - starting from your brain, then your heart and eventually your body.

Nothing worth having comes easy.  New horizons are definitely scary as shit but the alternative, in my opinion, is much worse.  Living a controlled, mundane life, immersed in a daily 9-5, where the work culture is toxic, negative and feeds on keeping good people with real potential down, should never interest you - No matter how big the paycheque is.

Its time to change your psychology.  Its time to really discover your dreams and not be afraid to go after them.  If you don't have a dream or know your purpose, then spend some time thinking about what honestly and truly makes you smile.  You may be surprised at the list you can form.  

Get real quiet with yourself and think, really think about what kind of legacy you want to leave behind, what kind of role model you want to be for your kids.  What will make you nod to yourself in satisfaction on your death bed - knowing you left nothing behind that you regret and no dreams un-explored.
Its time to get serious about what truly ignites you!