Sunday, October 23, 2011

The People's DJ - Danny D

" If you know anything about me, you've gotta know that I am a DIE-HARD Juventus soccer fan, but I think I brag enough about that already! LOL! - DJ, Danny D"

I heard a saying once that said:  Without music life would be a mistake.  Being both an artist and lover of music, I cannot tell you just how much this phrase resonates with me.  Which leads me to pose a question:  "What would music mean without its deliverance?"  Music cannot exist without someone giving it life.  At times it will be a writer.  While other times it can be a composer or a singer that gives it momentum.  Then, there are those rare occasions when it comes to us by a DJ.  However it arrives, only a true talent can make music come alive to those receiving it.

For those of you who live within the city of Toronto, when you make reference to "ultimate music deliverance" only one name should come to mind:  DJ, Danny D. 

Danny has been a DJ in the Toronto club scene for over 10 years, but has always found a home within the radio station, Z103.5 FM.  In the past 9(+) years with them, he has been touching the lives of people everywhere through the station's air-waves.  He has ultimately been crowned:  "The People's DJ" because he devotes his love and passion for music to his fan-base, which spreads far and wide. 

Throughout his career, this DJ sensation has been the toast of many deserving awards.  In 2004, he took home the Eye Weekly's, Reader's Choice Award, for the best DJ in Toronto.  Then, in 2009 he was given the "Radio Personality of the year" award, by  Followed by the Stylus award, in 2010, for the "Club Dance DJ"

However, this man is more than just a DJ, he is truly an artist.  Danny contributes to music by taking rhythms and creating his own unique sound. A talent that he took into production, making him a successful independent artist of our time.  He combines elements of house, trance and progressive sounds, to create his own music.  Sounds which lead to independent tracks like:  Airbreak, Road Rage, I believe in love (featuring vocals of Anya) and Emotions (featuring vocals by Nova), just to name a few.  His artistry took flight and the authenticity of his sound clearly resonated with his fans.  His work cracked the Top 20 on the Canadian National Club Charts and some of those tracks have made appearances on music compilations, selling more than 50,000 copies.  

Whether he is jamming in the clubs, playing live at "Summer Rush", touring North America or simply "doing his thing" through the air-waves on Z103.5 FM, one thing is certain:  Danny's passion is creating and delivering his music to the people/for the people.  During a recent conversation with the "sound sensation", I asked him if there was one thing that I could relay to his listeners, what would it be?  Being the incredible and humble guy we all know and love, he simply replied:  " What I really want my fans to know is that when they tell me that my "music mixes" make them happy, that it truly is the biggest reward I could have.  I couldn't possibly be where I am today, without my people"  Well, There you have it folks, spoken like a true "People's DJ"

If you haven't seen this man in action, you are truly missing greatness at its best.  My advice?  find yourself a computer or radio immediately and keep it locked on Z103.5.  Be one of thousands, who enjoy his artistic genius live daily on: the "Drive @ 5 Streetmix" between: 5-6pm and his ultimate "Wayback Lunch Mix" between: 12-1pm. 

If you're looking for a great club scene, you simply must catch Danny at various venues, in and around the GTA. Here are some, to name a few:

Thursday nights:  "Single In The City" at: The Curve, in Mississauga
Friday nights: Join DJ Danny D at:  The Zu Bar, in Burlington
Saturday nights: Join DJ Danny D at: "The King of all Clubs" - LUXY, in Woodbridge

On a personal note:

I wanted to take this time to personally thank Danny for living his dream and sharing it with us everyday. 

There are days when I get so wrapped up in trying to make my dreams come true, that I kind of feel detached from the one thing I'm trying so hard to create.  I will go through moments where I lose my place.  Where I forget the reason I began running after what I want most within this life-my writing.  It is within those moments that you help me the most.  When I see/hear you creating it gives me the strength to fight for what I want, another day.
Danny, you truly are an incredible individual with an undeniable talent in what you do.  No matter what kind of day I'm having, I always know that you are there to make it better, by simply being who you are and doing what you do best.  You are always there to talk, share and laugh with me during the course of the day and I want you to know just how much that means to me.  By you being courageous enough to go after your dream, you make it possible for me to continue the journey in mine.  Your mixes bring me such an incredible energy that simply cannot be described.  However, if I had to choose, I would have to say that what you do makes me "happy to be alive"

On behalf of all your "die-hard" fans, I pay tribute to you here today.  I truly hope that I have done you justice. Your sweet, charismatic, witty and humble nature never goes un-noticed.  Never stop sharing with the world all it is that you do, because if you did, it would truly be an incredible loss.

Thank-you for always being, YOU!


  1. I think that knowing Dan from the "very very beginning" of his DJ'ing career, is one of my fondest memories of Dan. He started out as a night DJ at U of T Scarborough radio station. Very quickly he moved into the day slot and had half the school hanging out with him outside the studio. We held Pub Nights with him as the DJ and would blow the capacity of the college pub out the windows. Every night was an over capacity night when he was involved.
    He is truely a guy who has heart and loves what he does. Dan is genuine in every facet and is most accommodating when he is at the "wheels". I am proud to know him and commend him on all his hard work and his accomplishments. Congratulations on all your achievements, Dan. Keep up the great work and keeping people on the dance floor.

    Looking foward to all the tunes in the future.
    Tony Lombardi

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    Dear Tony Lombardi, Thank you so much for sharing a part of your history with Danny with us. It truly gives us all an insight as to how this incredible man and his dream came to be. It is said that we are truly nothing without our dreams and passions within this life and I'm so very glad that Danny decided to share both with all of us! Also, a special thank you to both Mr and Mrs. DJ Danny D for stopping by to say hello to Life AFX and all the fans here. They are/were truly excited to read your comments. To all the DJ Danny D fans, thank you so much for all your kind words to both myself and Danny. Something Danny said to me will always ring true: That we are all truly nothing without our fans!