Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Lady Behind The Words

The Biography of Gia 

She was born, Lucia Giardulli in Toronto, Canada, during the winter of 1973.  Raised in an Italian household, music was very much a part of everyday life – and still is.  Her artistic and creative nature became quite evident at a very early age.  Her first foray into the art of music and writing came when she started singing and song-writing at age 9.  It wasn't long after, that her interests in various musical instruments began.  After dabbling for some time in accordion, piano, flute and guitar lessons, she was asked to audition for a local Italian folk band – as lead vocalist.  It was there that she got her first taste of singing on stage for an audience.

By the age of 18, she was already in her second band.  Here, the members were both determined and focused to work on their own material (rather than covers), which allowed the young singer the opportunity to further explore her passion for song-writing. Along with creating original pieces, the band decided to change their individual names, to further their artistic nature - thus giving birth to the artist now known as Gia.  After collaborating with different writers and musicians over a number of years, it became clear that her love for creating words outweighed her desire to perform. It was here that Gia decided to leave the stage behind and concentrate on writing instead.  “Singing will always be my first love but, I want to create words that will move nations – over and over again.”   

Over the next 10 years, Gia went forward, becoming a published writer and assisting different areas of government and non-profit organizations with writing and communication pieces. She became a voice of inspiration and coached many different individuals in all facets of life. 

Although her passion for words grew, the love she had for music was a constant.  In 2013, she began a blog called:  LIFE AFX, where she wrote many different pieces about life.  Among them were posts showcasing some amazing talents in the city of Toronto.  Soon the itch of getting back into the music scene would need to be relieved.  2-years later, INKSTANE would be born.  In August of 2015, Gia became the creator and founder of her very first company -  INKSTANE Corporation. 

“This new venture creates a bridge between writing, music and other artistic talents.  The idea is to scout, manage and brand new and independent Canadian artists and introduce them to the world.  It’s not just about “finding an artist” it’s more about giving them the tools to become a multi-faceted artist – in their own right.  We want to showcase the individual as a brand, not just another artist- and that takes a great deal of coaching, mentoring and management.  If you believe in your talent then contact us. Developing your artistic vision is what we do. We will work with you to integrate your inspiration and creativity, to result in a recognizable vision of your art. Together, we will find and market your element of artistic style, with creative ideas and collaborations that will give you optimal success.”

For more information please visit: www.inkstane.com – all social media/blog links available here

For artists who are interested in working with Gia and INKSTANE Corporations please contact us at:  faq@inkstane.com 


  1. Hey Gia : Heard you on The Flow 93.5 FM yesterday morning with my man JJ and his co-star Melanie. You sounded amazing. And the bio was on mark and very well done. Those pictures... DAMN girl. I've got 2-words for you.... ON FIRE!
    Just wanted to say congrats on the new business. The name itself is so bad ass. Looking forward to more of what you have in store.
    Thanks for listening.

    Fellow FLOW lover

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post Gia. Good for you! I've been a long time follower of yours and I've waited for a bio like this. Well done!
    P.S. You sounded so awesome on air yesterday with JJ n Melanie. You rock Hunny!!


  3. So you're the GIA that was on live radio with JJ and Melanie on Monday I see. Nice digs you got here! You're webpage is awesome and this blog is spectacular. A lot of great reads here. I can see why people love your writing. You have a definite calling. Keep up the great work and best of luck with INKSTANE

    Janice Munktone

  4. Just read your blog post from Twitter and had to come write. I knew you were a talented lady but had no idea just how talented. Well done! P.S. You sounded great on the radio the other morning. Maybe you should try being a radio host and add that to your resume. You've got a killer voice. I'd wake up early EVERY DAMN MORNING to listen to it lol. Enjoy your day Gia!!!

    Mark E

  5. Amazing blog for an amazing lady! Wishing you much success!


  6. WOW I love the website, it has some serious spunk!!! I have been following you for a while now and i get to see all the amazing growth spurts. Keep up the hardwork GIA + Team


  7. Gia, Gia, Gia...
    WOW! Now I've been a very long time follower of yours. Since the Life Afx days and let me tell you, you've come a very long way. The new website is AWESOME! I love the name, I love the new brand and I love the new blog look. Now... can you just promise to write a little something every day? PLEASE??? I and a few other loyal followers really miss your "day to day" stuff. Your words and blogs are always so inspirational and full of fun - but they also are about the seriousness of life. And we miss them. We miss YOU writing them. So please... just find it in yourself to write more. I'd really love that!

    Paolo Spizziri

  8. Really looking forward to Inkstane Gia. I hope you have a very strong team of professionals working along side you because you deserve nothing less. But with you leading the fire, there's no doubt in my mind that this dynamic will be a great one. Count me in for every last gig you've got lined up. Cannot wait to hear the talent that comes out of Inkstane.


  9. Well it seems that you and this Creative Director of yours make a damn good team Gia!
    Everything looks so amazing. From your creative words to his creative prints - WELL DONE FOLKS!
    Looks like Inkstane will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the Artist Management Playground of the industry. Not familiar with Rosey's Play in all of this but I'm intrigued to continue snooping around to find out!

    Best of Luck from us BIG GUYS to you "JUST STARTING OUT GUYS"

    New INKSTANE fan from Universal Music