Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Butterfly Kisses

“ We are but a moment’s sunshine, fading in the grass”

I heard this quote today and it made me stop and think about just how incredibly lucky we are, in so many ways. Yet, we barely even realize it, let alone cherish our blessings. We truly are “moments of sunshine” here for a short while. It’s strange how it takes loosing something/someone to become “reborn” into that humility.

As my thoughts continued I immediately remembered “Ari” Who is Ari you ask? Well, she was but a moment of sunshine in the lives of many. Today, this blog piece belongs to her. My very own special moment in time, dedicated to a beautiful light.

She was born Ariana Maria Scopacasa, on June 26, 2012. She died on June 28, 2012.

They say that when you lose your parents or a true love that you lose your past. However, when you lose a child you barely had a moment to know, I believe that you lose your future instead. Suddenly, you’ve been robbed of love, blessings and wonderful memories that you never had the opportunity to have.

I am indeed no stranger to loss in my life. Sadly, this is something we are all too painfully familiar with. However, I don’t begin to imagine the pain a parent must feel when they lose their child – for any reason. A human heart could die from the sorrow and a mind would surly explode from trying to answer a simple question-why? Why is life such a rare commodity. Why is some life given incredible boasts of longevity, while other lives are cruelly taken away too early? In a moment such as this, whether you believe in any form of divinity or not, you ask for answers. Sadly, not all answers can be given or worse, none are good enough.

Maybe, we aren’t supposed to understand things like this. Perhaps we are just to believe that there is a deeper meaning and purpose to why Ari had to leave so soon. I know that her parents have struggled with these thoughts every day, since their little girl left them. So what do you say? How do you feel? How can you get them to move on?

Today, I offer the only thing I can – words. Words of faith and love. Words that I believe Ariana wants me to say.

Voltaire once said: “ Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. It is not enough that a thing be possible for it to be believed.”

It is in these times that our faith must be at its peak because it is within these times that we despise our faith the most. We are filled with rage, anger and feelings of utter betrayal – by God, man and Universe. Yet, only in love can we understand, forgive and find the courage to move on.

Grief is something very few people understand. It doesn’t make sense. It provides no portal of time continuance. As painful as it is, you must will yourself to walk through the grief, in order to one day walk beyond it. We do this by allowing the one we lost teach us about the blessings that were made possible because of them. What were they? How have they changed you?

Ariana made me realize that I need to spend more time with my little ones. I have five beautiful and amazing souls in my life – my nephews: Matthew, Sebastian and Dante. As well as, my precious nieces: Emily and Francesca. Children have this incredible way of making your heart sing, even in times of defeat.

She also made me understand that the only thing that stands between life and death is time. That we need to make the most of each moment and live within them – always.

She allowed me to remember that I need to take my life back to a more simple time. When life was all about finding the biggest puddles to jump into. When the only task of the day was smiling more than you did yesterday. Building memories with those you love and especially with those you haven’t seen in a long time.

I know that every time I see a butterfly, dancing in the sunshine, I will think of her. Every time I see a little girl smelling a flower, it will remind me of the innocence she possessed. Whenever I hear children giggling (like only children can), I will smile because for a moment she made us all smile when she was born.

It is in those moments that I can find happiness that she visited this earth before moving back to Heaven. It is for these reasons that I am truly blessed that I was divinely touched by her light. She made me feel very special and I am so grateful to her for that.

My Dearest Rina and Bruno:

Always remember that those who love beyond the world CANNOT be separated by it.
Ariana loves you both with all her heart. She sits there in Heaven and tells all the souls about you both. What wonderful parents and people you are. How of every man and woman on this earth – she chose YOU over all others.

Know that from this day forth, whenever you feel a shiver, it’s your beloved daughter tickling your arms – letting you both know that she’s near.

That every time you feel a tickle against your face, it’s Ariana giving you a little “Butterfly Kiss”

Let her fill your hearts with love, joy and courage to try again. She wants nothing more, I truly believe that.

I love you both so much. Know that I am always here…


  1. Gia, this post was incredible! You my lady truly are a divine gift from God yourself. No doubt your words are comforting the family, during this awful time.

    Deepest sympathies and condolences to Rina and Bruno about their baby girl Ariana. I am a Mother too and could not imagine the devastation of losing one of my own. Take life and grief one day at a time and be strong.
    My heart goes out to you both!

    Maria Arnone

  2. Maria,

    Thank-you for your kind words about my writing. It was one of the most difficult pieces that I have ever had to write. I truly wish it was under kinder circumstances.

    Rina and Bruno are two wonderful and loving people. With the help of their family/friends and the grace of God, their daughter will help them through this terrible time.

    Thanks again for your comment!

  3. Bruno and I want to sincerely thank you for this beautiful tribute that was dedicated to our little precious angel in heaven Ariana. I have no words that can describe how profoundly this has touched our hearts. I am honoured and thankful to have someone as wonderful as you in my life to call my friend.

    Rina & Bruno

  4. Gia, thank you for sharing such touching words with us all. Thank you for reminding us what really matters in life, family and friends and how to love them with all our hearts. Rina is a very good friend of mine. Thank God for her angels on earth such as you for this amazing tribute to Ariana. And thank God for Rina's little Angel in heaven who is for sure watching over Rina and Bruno. Ariana's short time here on earth has reminded us truly, what love and strength is all about. I truly thank her for it. She touched so many people's hearts.

    Thank you Grace Vilar

  5. @ Grace Vilar

    I humbly thank-you for the kind words and gesture that you've shown me regarding my writing piece. It means the world. As I mentioned within my blog, all I can offer are words, so I truly hope that they may find comfort within them.

    @ Rina & Bruno

    It was my sincerest pleasure to write this for all of you. I know what an incredibly difficult time this is for you both and I thought that if I could say something to make you smile or to possibly see things differently, that it would help.

    Loss is a unique thing and we all experience it quite differently. It will take time, but you will both be okay. I truly know that within my heart.

    Life is filled with lessons and although we may not understand them for the moment, they do become clear to us when they need to. Always remember, it's not in "our time" but it "God's time" that things happen. I suppose as human beings we forget that sometimes.

    Always know that your friends and family are here for you, whenever you need us!