Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's STOP The Violence

Peter Cash, Announcer from FLOW 93.5 FM in Toronto. Join The Movement: Let's Stop The Violence

I woke up this morning with the lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in my brain.

"Mama, just killed a man.  Put a gun against his head.  Pulled my trigger, now he's dead"

Immediately, I wondered:  Did this song or those words ever run through the minds of those responsible for the recent gun violence?  Was there regret?  Was there remorse?  Did their heart cry out in protest at all, the moment the first bullet left their gun? Do they have loved ones at home that they will have to explain their actions and feelings of guilt to? Whenever I hear of random gun violence crimes I always think that to myself in silence. 

Clearly the answer MUST be yes, right?  There MUST be so much pain in their minds and hearts that it simply distorts what is true.  That it blocks out all reason of humanity and goodness that may have ever once dwelled within their soul.  That for a moment, when they weren't looking, the devil himself claimed their spirit and allowed evil to occur.  This all MUST be true, right?  My answer is always the same:  YES!

It has to be.  I mean, what would the alternative thought be?  That somewhere deep inside some (or all) of us, lies a demon that can be unleashed at any moment?  That we are in FULL control of this sort of evil and can call upon it when we demand it?  That we are all monsters to some degree, capable of such horrific demise?  I have nieces and nephews, about to grow up in this world, so I surely cannot believe that. 

Then, my second thought is this:  Are we as individuals contributing to this sort of random violence?
Are we in any way factors responsible for how others conduct themselves within society?  Yes, I truly think we are.  Now, of course we can all argue that health and mental wellness play a dominant role in behaviour like this.  Chemical imbalance/ drug/alcohol influences may all be reasons for this type of cognitive behaviour however, can we truly say that mankind can wash their hands of any fault here?  I think not.

Look, what I'm getting at is simply this:  We really better start paying more attention to our kids.  We need to be more involved in their lives.  We also truly need to start being better human beings to one another in a general sense.  There are patterns here, folks.  Major signs of depression, anxiety and feelings of "unworthiness" in the minds and hearts of individuals who plot out random acts of violence, such as the recent tragedies we are hearing about lately.  We need to nurture and love people.  To be understanding and encouraging of the fact that we are all different, but the same. 

There is simply too much "bullying" going on within our society today.  Not just surrounding young people, but human beings on a general front.  We are always made to feel inferior within our society in some form or manner and it's killing us-LITERALLY!  Negative thoughts or emotions that are embedded in our brains by others manifest themselves into horrific acts or events.  Don't believe me?  Just take a look at events of this nature that have occurred in the past.  Most (if not all) individuals responsible for random acts of public violence were bullied, ridiculed or made to feel inadequate, by members of their society.  The pain creates madness within that spreads like a cancer.  Until one day, it cannot be contained any longer, and that insanity explodes!  The result?  An uncontrollable out-pouring of pain unleashed to all, making us an example of that inner conflict they have felt (and bottled up) for so long.

Maybe my thoughts here are insane ones, I dunno.  Nevertheless, I think I make some valid arguments, and if my words can allow you (the reader) to leave this page today thinking about it, then I have done my job as a Writer.  If I can plant a seed of doubt within your mind, so that you go out and consciously think about how you treat EVERYONE you meet, then that's a good thing.  Believe me when I tell you that things such as: Racism, negative comments, bullying, ridiculing others simply because they look or act differently than you do are all poisonous acts that we are ALL guilty of.  So, I think that as a society we ALL need to STOP and truly think about this. 

We all feel inadequate in life sometimes.  As individuals it's human nature to think this way.  However, it is NOT your right to play on the insecurities or fears of others-ever!  It is NOT ok to diminish or dismiss anyone's spirit or light, simply because for a moment, it allows you to feel better about your own.  We all reside here, on this earth, which means we all have a right to walk/live here without fear or ridicule that others will take away that right.  No one should be forced/pushed to live/lurk within the shadows of their worlds, simply because other individuals have decided that we are not all worthy to bask in the brightness of open society.  That is just as violent and cruel as the crimes we are hearing about in our world today.

Think about it...

**To all those who have lost their lives to violence around our world, and to all their loved ones, may you all find peace**

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