Thursday, August 9, 2012

Support In The Journey

It’s incredible how crazy and unpredictable life can be sometimes. In the same breath it can be both beautiful and evil all at once.

Yet whatever it is, we must always be glad and grateful to be here. Yes, at times we are tested (beyond measure) but I find that it is within those times that true beauty emerges. That is, if you choose to see it.

I find myself in the middle of another one of life’s roller-coasters once again. I believe I’ve been on this ride before, but somehow this time, the “loop di loops” and rising hills seem more frequent. It’s been a trying journey thus far, but however difficult this road is, it reaffirmed something I had forgotten. That is, the love, support and kindness of strangers.

I have always been blessed with having a great support system in my life. It’s so important to know that you have people who love you and are in your corner, when dealing with life’s challenges. However, it is incredibly touching when you see this kindness or gesture in those you don’t really know.

Since my brief announcement regarding my hiatus from my career due to some personal journeys I need to attend to, I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I was to see such an out-pour of concern by you, my fans. All the emails (both on my site, Face Book and Twitter) have been so touching. I cannot tell you how much it has affected me. To know that a mere girl ( a nobody) who loves to write, could move something within all of you, to the point of concern, is so humbling. All the words I could muster up would never be able to project how all your thoughts have made me feel. It’s amazing how something like words in an email ( or a simple quote) can stir the spirit and can give someone power to face even the darkest of days. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to all of you who have reached out to me (in some form or fashion) to say hello and send me your positive vibes and well wishes. They have truly meant the world to me.

I know that you are all curious as to why I had to leave or what I am going through, but it is not something that I feel I can discuss for the moment. In time, once out of the darkness, I may feel differently. I have been and always will be a person who always shares her experiences with the world because I think it’s important to do so. After all as human beings, if your journey can help someone else following a similar fate, isn’t it our job to guide and support them? I think so. Yet, sometimes, while in the midst of the roads we are on, they are not always easily explained/shared. This is where I am at for the moment.
At this point in my journey, I cannot say when I will be back in full rains of LIFE AFX again.  What I am facing will take time - as does anything life-altering.  I will continue to do some writing on days when I feel strong enough to do so, but I need this time to make myself whole again (in every way) so that I can be who I’ve been for you…whatever that was! Nevertheless, always know that I am near.

I truly hope you are all enjoying your lives/summers and adventures in every way!!! See you all soon!

*A very special thank you to my two Assistants, who have taken time out of their lives, to make sure that LIFE AFX stays on track and in touch with all of you – on a daily basis. They are the individuals you see/hear on FACE BOOK, TWITTER and my website, bringing you my words/thoughts and rants, on my behalf. There are some days when I do pop on to Tweet, but for the most part you are engaging with them. So thank you to Alessandro and Anthony for all that they do for me and for LIFE AFX every day. Without you, I would truly be forgotten. *


  1. Hey Gia,

    I’m really glad that you get all of our emails wishin you well. I know I can speak for so many when I say that you girl just ROCK! In every way!

    You’re not a nobody. You’re definitely a somebody in my book. And there’s a bunch of followers who think the exact same way I do. 46 followers on blogger, 281 followers on Twitter and 400 + followers on FACE BOOK. That certainly makes you a somebody chickie!!
    All that aside, I used to LOVE it when you and DJ Danny D from Z103.5 would fight and carry on about soccer on Twitter and Face Book. Even the on air burns between you guys were a riot. I miss those days! Now, he doesn’t even talk on air anymore and you are taking time off to deal with your stuff. I’m sad!  Two of my favourite personalities are SILENT! It just sucks!

    Well, I could go on and on here but I don’t wanna take up all your comment slots LOL! All I’m saying is get better and just keep doing you, so that you can get back to your dream ASAP. Your fans miss you a lot. Yes, A&A are doing a great job keepin us all up to date with stuff, but it’s just not the same as having YOU there. I LOVED reading all your stuff on Face Book! You always had a great vibe.

    Come back soon. We love you Gia.

    PAOLO .P.

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself. Good job Paolo!!!

    Gia, you are missed. That is obvious. So sad to hear that your going through so much right now. So much so that you had to step down from what you love to do. Keep your chin up and work hard to get back to it! You can do it and we are all behind you!


  3. That was a really beautiful blog Gia!
    I truly wish you the best in your journey. Always know that you can get past anything negative, as long as you remain positive. Trust in the power of ONE - YOURSELF!

    I am so grateful that you still continue to bless us with your writing, especially in a time like this. You truly are a selfless human being. Thank you for all that you do for me with your words. Who knew how much power a single written word could have. I never really knew that until you and Life afx came along.


  4. Love your vibe Gia. You always have SO MUCH to offer your fans! Get back to us soon!!!


  5. I remember the very first time I stumbled across this crazy page. I remember looking at the title going: WTF is LIFE AFX??? Then, I began reading. After one post, I read another, then another, then another. Needless to say, I was HOOKED ON YOU!!!

    2 years later, I still come here weekly. You're book marked and on my favourites, as is your website (which may I add is FANTASTIC!!!)

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that you will NEVER be forgotten, Gia. You truly are one in a million. I don't even know you personally and I already know that fact. It's something that stands out. It's evident!

    Whatever you're going through, you will make it past the darkness and into the sunlight once again. You'll see. Just have a little faith and a lot of guts to do what it takes to pull yourself out of the hole. Just..whatever you do... DON'T STOP WRITING! It would be devastating to us all.


  6. I really do believe that God never gives us more than we can handle, the written word is your therapy and I wish you ever last positive word phrase sentence story and book.
    Via che sie grande in boca al lupo!!

  7. Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the wonderful/beautifully written comments on this blog piece. Again, I just wanted to say that the support and love that I receive from all my fans is such great comfort and an utter joy, to say the least.

    I know you all have so many questions, but I would like to keep things simple and to myself for the time being. So, thank you for respecting my boundaries and privacy at this time.

    For all those of you who have recently sent me emails, asking if that is "me" on Twitter lately, the answer is YES! I am giving my Assistants a little break and trying my best to keep public on Twitter as much as possible. However, my staff does look after ALL Face Book, Website and Twitter issues for the most part, so there will be times that they will answer your Tweets personally on my behalf. Please be kind and supportive of their efforts. They work really hard to keep you all informed and myself, alive and kicking from behind the scenes.

    To answer those of you, remarking about DJ Danny D: He is an amazing person and talent in his one right. Someone I am happy to call my friend. I hope to continue promoting and collaborating with him in the future. He always has and always will have my utmost respect - in every way. I hope that all of you, my fans, show him the same respect and kindness that he undoubtedly deserves as you have always shown me. We have always had fun taking jabs at one another regarding our beloved soccer teams. It is always done in fun and we’re glad you have all enjoyed our banter. More to come on that front, I’m sure!

    I truly hope you all had a fabulous summer.

  8. Hey Gia:

    Glad to hear that you are making a bit of a come-back on Twitter. You are missed everywhere, Gurl!

    Cannot wait till you are back in FULL FORCE & AFFECT so that you can persue your dreams as you should be. People like you NEED TO BE IN THE LIME-LIGHT!!!! You give us all a bit of reason to go on!!

    Yes, we love him! He's one of THE GREATEST DJ'S around the T-DOT, FO SHO! But what makes it even greater is that you promote him and respect him like you do. He should be paying you for that alone LOL!!!

    I hope that someone famous comes along and shouts YOUR NAME from the roof tops, like you do for him and others cuz you deserve that amount of respect too.

    PeAcE OuT!!

    PAOLO .P.