Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

I have loved this time of year; as far back as I can remember.  I made it my most favourite a very, very long time ago.  To me, Christmas was never a season, but rather a feeling. I wanted EVERY experience in life to mirror image what I felt around this time of year.  Butterflies in my tummy all the time.  Excitement around every corner.  Always smiling and feeling so good about yourself and all those you love.  Strangers grins.  Family and friends always popin’ in.  The house filled with laughter and yummy smells.   Feeling loved all the time – and having so much of it that it poured out to others constantly.  That’s what Christmas has always meant to me, and today I wish it so for all of you!

Six months ago, I truly didn’t think I’d be around to see another Christmas much less enjoy one.  It’s funny how you come to realize just how insignificant and trivial most things are that we worry about in this world.  It’s sad that it takes SO MUCH PAIN to realize HOW MUCH HAPPINESS you possess and don’t even know it.  So this Christmas I am quite content with what I have and don’t have a real want/need for anything.  Because I’ve realized that I’ve already attained the greatest assets a person can have in one lifetime:  The truest love and support of family, fans and friends.  The one I’m working on (and it gets stronger with each passing day) is my health.  What more could anyone possibly ask for?  However, for all those of you still bugging me to tell them what I’d like for Christmas this year, I’d be happy with either a fairy Godmother, a Genie or a magic wand that works with any basic command. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM GIA AND THE LIFE AFX FAMILY (and yes, we say Merry Christmas not to offend others who don’t celebrate or believe in it, but to defend those who do.  After all, we don’t persecute and neither should you) Wishing you all the very best this season brings – regardless!

With that thought in mind, we would also like to take this time and opportunity to send thanks, blessings and prayers to ALL the men and women who are serving our country each day and are giving up their Christmas with their loved ones, so that we can be with ours.  GOD BLESS THE JOB AND HEART YOU ALL HAVE THAT ALLOWS YOU THE STRENGTH AND COURAGE TO DO WHAT YOU DO FOR US – EVERYDAY!!

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