Saturday, February 9, 2013


Happy Birthday Nael
Can you see candles from Heaven
Is what I've often wondered
The roar of burning flames
Egnited by love, longing and pain
So powerful, like thunder
Here for barley 20 years
Gone now for 20 more
And each time I think of you
I can still feel your warmth
To my very core
I never wanted a world without you
But God said it was to be
So now I'm left here alone
Lighting candles so you'll remember me
There are times when life grants me peace
And I think of you a little less
But it's only for a day or two
Until my heart screams your name again
And my mind is once more a mess
Flooded with beautiful memories
Of when my life was you
To a time when I was happy
And every day brought something special
Something new
So I will continue to light candles for you
To see from Heaven
In hopes that you remember
The girl you left behind so long ago
And know that with every glowing flame you see
Means how much she still loves you so...
FEBRUARY 3, 1973 - SEPTEMBER 13, 1992


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