Friday, March 29, 2013


It astounds me just how many hours a day I think about my life and who I am suppose to be within it. 
I’ve always been the kind of individual who had to find “meaning” in everything.  What I do, everything I am and all I feel must have some underlying purpose; just waiting to be discovered.    I believe that is why I love words so much.  They express what on most occasions I cannot say. 

I came across an incredible quote today, written by Timothy Leary.  The piece was called:  “Find the Others” It goes without saying that if I’m writing about it, it spoke directly to me.  It moved me in an indescribable way. 
It spoke about admitting to yourself (once and for all) that you may not be like everybody else and how incredibly “okay” it all was.  To own and accept who you are – even during the worst of times.  Because let’s face it, it’s always easier to love and accept yourself, when you are in a good place.  Yet, how difficult is it to “love and accept yourself” when you aren’t?  Probably one of life’s toughest challenges hands down! 

So it made me think. 
Could the problem be that all my life I’ve been trying so desperately to be “just like everybody else”?  I mean I’d like to think the opposite, really.  That most of my life I’ve struggled and fought so hard to find/keep my own identity.  Yet, could it very well be that all along, all I ever craved was to be “accepted”?

So perhaps all this time I’ve been going against the grain – against my own element.  Almost like trying to put a circular block into a triangular hole – it just won’t fit!  Maybe that’s it.  I’ve been trying to lead a life that others thought I should, rather than discovering who I really am and living a life JUST...FOR...ME.

Maybe that’s why everything has always felt so wrong.  Why the situations I find/put myself in don’t fit/match the basic fundamentals of who I am as a person.  Perhaps that is why some of us are unhappy because we keep trying to fight who we are.
Thomas’s piece ends on a high note, saying that there are more of us out there.  That those of us who are NOT like everybody else should strive to find each other.  Everyone we meet (or who comes into our lives) is for a given purpose.  That nothing in life is merely by coincidence and that it’s most true about people who share that life with us.

By finding the others of like mind, spirit and soul, you can finally see that your flaws are perfect – especially to someone who loves you or shares your meaning for life – namely yourself!  Ultimately, finding yourself would be the best treasure of all.
Perhaps it’s time to let go and concentrate on who I am, rather than trying to be like everyone else.  That maybe it’s time to truly put focus on loving ourselves, instead of trying so hard to be someone that another could/would love. Because knowing that anyone worth loving loves you for who you truly are anyway –simply because they know your worth.

 Perhaps it is indeed time to find the others..



  1. Hi Gia,
    Saw your latest blog post and wanted to send a comment about it. I've been following your writing for some time now and well, I must say that it's incredible. I especially loved this one. It was really raw with realism. You are certainly have that gift that Writers need. The gift of not being afraid to share your thoughts - as painful as they sometimes might be. Always be proud of that factor, no matter how grim the roads are that lay ahead. The storm doesn't always last forever. Chin up, beautiful Lady! You are so special, in more ways than you can count. I'm sure of it!!
    All the best to you.


  2. I think you're right! I think we ALL go through this at one point in time or another. Maybe more. All I know is that it's much easier just being yourself. And if the world don't like it, then let them all eat cake!!

    From your writing post above, it seems to me like you are afraid of being you. Why? You're an incredible soul, a wonderful Writer and a good humanitarian. So, you went down a road or two, or three and played the devil a couple of times - so what? It doesn't mean you're a bad person. It doesn't mean that you are undeserving of anything, especially happiness young lady. NO ONE can or should ever judge you. We've not walked in your shoes or experienced your life. Just like you cannot judge us back. It's a cold hard world out there and all any of us are trying to do is survive. But you're different. You not only want to survive but you want to live and that's beautiful. Really beautiful...just like you.
    So out there and get what you're worth. Figure out who you are and never stop until you reach the top. And if you aren't "good enough" for someone, well then maybe, just maybe, they aren't good enough for you.

    A devouted follower and supporter of yours, always: