Saturday, April 6, 2013


A love note once written by a boy to a girl ....
"I'm going nuts, not knowing if you're ok.
   You are in my thoughts, every day.
    I wish I could take all your pain away
    Make you feel like none of this exists.
    Wipe it all away, with just one kiss
     Look into your eyes and take away your fear
     Whisper sweet sounds, into your ear.
      With just one word, make you feel safe and sound
      Without any tears.
       The sound of your voice, I want to hear
When I close my eyes, and wish you were here....with me.
I hope this puts you in a happy place
Cause all I want to see, is a smile upon your face."


  1. WOW! That was such a sweet love note. He seems very much in love with the girl. How does it all turn out?

  2. Did your write this poem? its beautiful

    1. This poem was written to me, for me. The author was very special to me - as was what we shared. His poem moved me. The words meant something once. Too beautiful not to share.

  3. Its a beautiful poem the words are so moving. You both most of loved each other very much.

    1. Those words meant a lot to us both, or so I thought. I was wrong. How can one write such loving things and then flea the scene of that love without question or remorse? And yet, that's exactly what happened, dear Fan. The first test that fate had given that love it failed. He ran. He chose someone else and left me standing there with my shattered heart and our words of love..all alone. Like I was nothing. Like I meant even less. Like a thief in the night, with no regard for me or that love he was gone.
      That is not love. He never loved me, but I.. I loved him. But one cannot love enough for two people. It's just not possible. And so, this love was forbidden from the start. Never meant to be..

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that, he must have loved you Gia no one expresses themselves like this if they were not in love. Why would he run? Why would he choose someone else to be in his life if he has you? I dont understand?

    1. I thank you for your expression, Dear Fan.

      Enjoy the blog place! :)

  5. Hi Gia,

    I have been following your blog and noticed the poem. I must say the poem is beautiful the words are loving. I guess many of your followers have many questions. Many women have been in your shoes when they think they have found love and the next thing you know the person cheats on them with someone else. Leaving you broken hearted. I feel for you, I have also been hurt by someone I cared very much. I hope you can open your heart and find love one day.


    1. Hi Sophia,

      Thanks so much for supporting the blog and my writing. I truly would be nothing without my fans.

      I am truly sorry to hear about your "Love Mishap" It's never an easy thing to deal with.

      Love is a very complicated thing. I think we still live in a world where most people believe that everything in life (love very much included) is either black or white. I am not an individual who thinks so. I've lived through many different things in my life (and continue to) to know that this is so.

      I have never been, nor will I ever be, an individual who judges others on their actions. We all have reasons for the beautiful things and the insanity that we bring into our lives. It's easy to lay blame when things hurt us - namely love and the people we deem lucky enough to bestow that love upon. We blame ourselves, we blame them. It's just madness.

      My belief is this: Love is not for the faint at heart. If you plan on loving and being loved, then you are responsible for opening yourself up to a world of both glorious and painful times. You see, falling in love is the easy part. It's staying in love that takes effort.

      Sometimes we love those we can't have or shouldn't have but you do because you cannot control who you love/fall in love with. You can try but it usually doesn't end in your favour. Love is love. It will find a way. It will make you succumb to it on many levels. Especially if you find a special bond with someone.

      Love will also tear your world apart, on every level. But, it's a risk you take each time you bring yourself to loving someone. Yes, it's painful. Yes, it's work. Yes it can raise you up to the highest cloud one minute and betray you shamelessly the next - but to me, it's worth it.

      But I'm a Writer. A Dreamer. Which means (and goes without saying) that I am a hopeless romantic. I'd rather bleed with cuts of love all over my body, time and time again; rather than choosing to live without love's scars.

      We are all human beings, which means we aren't perfect. Those who think they are and say that they live in a world of knowing or always doing good over bad, right over wrong are either delusional or lying. That's my opinion. We've all done things we aren't proud of but human beings do that. It's in our nature. Even, good-hearted loving souls do bad things because evil exists as well as good. It's the balance of all things. It's just how it is. It's easy to peg the bad guy as the bad guy. Know what I mean? But hey, Sweet men can be sweet men and make "asshole moves" every now and again. It just happens. It's up to us as individuals know weather we can forgive things or not.

      So I accept the things that happen to me. I may be hurt (at times devastated) over the events that take place in my life, but I learn from them and try to understand the meaning of why things have occurred. Life cannot be life without lessons learned.

      Love has never been a strong suit of mine, but I believe it's worth having, worth fighting for. I just have to work on demanding from others the respect I deserve and demand of myself. I fail to do that with love. After all, we choose how others treat us. We allow it to happen to us. I have to remember that.

  6. Hi Gia,

    I also have been following your blog and read your reply back to Sophia. I totally agree with you when it comes to love it comes with the good an the bad. Its never perfect. I feel for you. You say he chose someone else why? Your love for each other was so passionate! The words in the poem are so passionate... what happened?


  7. I'm glad you are all enjoying the post and that it has resonated something within you however, there are elements to my life that are private and therefore, I ask you to respect that aspect of things.


  8. WOW!

    This has become quite the popular post, huh Princess?
    Sounds to me like these ladies are fishing for answers into your personal life. Fans can be obsessive and addicted to your life, trust me.

    Being a past boyfriend and a man who still loves and adores you in every way, all I can say is that this man was a fool. I've never know anyone like you before and I know within my heart that I never will again. He too, like I did, will regret his choice and hurting you someday. I'm sure he does already. But you were meant for someone amazing because you my lovely lady are a class act. The epitome of what a woman should be. DO NOT waste your time, your tears or your love on just any man. Find THE MAN and allow him to make you the diamond in his eye. You are a prize and should be treated as such. We're guys and we're fucked up on so many levels. We get stuck in the rut of things and don't know a true genuine, soul mate love when we see it cuz we're too scared to fight for and loose. Women are a dime a dozen, so are men but true love REAL LOVE that's rare and should be cherished when found. I regret every moment of awake for hurting you in our relationship. I swear it's true. Even though I'm with someone else now, she ain't you. She will never be you. But I'm happy we're friends and I love you for the genuine kind and beautiful spirit that you possess. You wouldn't hurt a fly and yet others hurt you so much. It's not fair. On behalf of all men everywhere, we're sorry for being such cowardly assholes. For letting go of such a gem when we had you.

    Call u soon.

    Sammy xo

  9. Gia,

    The poem / song was magical. No doubt that it meant a lot to you. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You’d have to be cold and dead to have not affect you in such a way.
    I agree with all the ladies above me and their remarks. I think it’s the nature of our beast to be interested in love and all that transpires within it. We are all romantic saps that way I guess.
    But you’re right! Details are private and should be respected. As fans we should remember that. See what happens when you’re a deep and respected Writer? One that is always so open, loving and sharing with her public? WE. WANT. MORE. ALWAYS!
    And we seldom know where to draw the line. I also agree with Sammy above me. You are a gem! I’ve been a loyal for since you first started this blog and although we are strangers, you helped me through some very painful and difficult times.
    You are selfless and pure of heart. Your words, a gift to this world and all those who are lucky enough to read them. I guess I’m writing to let you know that you are LOVED by us all. Your fans love and adore you and always will. Remember that!