Friday, July 19, 2013

The Circle

How can it be?

How can it be that I’m dreaming of you?
When yesterday you were but a warm, distant memory of a time long ago.

Why does my soul find yours so familiar?
When it hasn’t ever dwelled within it.
And yet, now that I know your heartbeat, mine can no longer beat in sync without it.

Quietly, in the dark, I can feel my body speaking to yours.
When the mere thought of you whispering my name
Sends chills down my spine, driving me insane.

Thinking of all the words we’ve spoken
They stir like a million tiny butterflies inside of me.
Waiting for the day when you’re touch sets them free.

I feel like I’m falling, but how could that be?
All these thoughts, feelings and cravings for you that have snuck up on me
At times it’s scary how love can move so quickly

However surprised this new moment with you has made me
I hope to be pleasantly shocked every day.
For this is the special moment in time where a connection is born,
A feeling like no other
That no one can ever replace or take away

So tonight, when the whole world is sleeping
Know that I am still awake, dreaming..
Impatiently waiting for another sunrise
When another day means seeing the same excitement in your eyes…

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