Friday, May 29, 2015



I'm staying up all night tonight - Want join me?

It's not only Friday, May 29th today but, the day all Torontonians can stay up and make a difference. 
I'm going to be participating in the "DARKNESS TO LIGHT" challenge in support of CamH.

It's an overnight challenge to anyone and everyone, in support of the life saving work that they are desperately trying to raise money for.  So I'm staying up ALL NIGHT to help raise money and awareness to defeat mental illness.

For those of us who suffer and live with mental illness and addiction, we know how easily it can take us to the very edge of darkness.  One moment we can be perfectly fine and in the next, the clouds roll in.  When we have attacks, our family and friends truly have their work cut out for them.  Those of us who are lucky to have caring people like this around us, that is.  They spend all night, sitting up with us to help us through it, in an attempt to comfort us. It's not to say that all episodes happen at night but, the majority of them do - lasting well into the early morning hours. 

Well, this overnight-er challenge will help us all remember that with the light of a new day, the darkness is left behind and we are free once more. CamH hopes to shine a continual light on mental illness once and for all.  

It's not just about tonight.  It's something that will take a great deal of time, a great deal of energy and a great deal of sacrifice - on a continual basis to work.  So, if tonight is too short notice to stay up and help this cause well, there's always tomorrow night, and the next night, and so on.  Make it a monthly thing if you wish.  Grab a bunch of friends, colleagues or even some people from your community and make a night of it - any night!  Get people to sponsor the cause or sponsor others who are participating in the cause if you cannot.  

Everyone I have spoken to tells me the same thing.  In their professional opinions, my panic attacks will never go away.  That I will have to just learn to live with my anxiety disorder and find ways to cope.  Oh, but there is always medication you can take, to numb your symptoms.  Well, I don't want to numb my feelings and expressions.  Drugs should never be the answer, but sadly for many it is.  It's not my answer and I refuse to think that there is no hope.  So I'm creating some.  

 For more information please visit:

I'm just doing my part. Will you?  

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