Saturday, May 9, 2015

Talkin About My Girl

There are a few things in this life that I have always been certain of.  She is one of them!
When I say "She" I am referring to the phenomenal woman that I am humbled to call my best friend.

I met her when I was 18, on my very first day of University.  We had both enrolled in a language class (Spanish) at York University and we managed to spark up a conversation, that has thankfully lasted a lifetime.

The twists and turns that our lives have taken, since that first faithful day, no one would believe.  But, we've managed to make it through the fire with incredible style, grace and most importantly love.

Many of us go through life, trying to find our soul-mate.  Someone to share, dream, laugh and love with; for the rest of our journey here.  I always have.  But, I've realized that there are many, many different kinds of soul-mates that one encounters in their lifetime.  My connection with her has been my favorite one. I have never shared so much, dreamed so big, laughed so hard or loved as much as I have with her.  The tears, fears, doubts, excitements, pains, sorrows, happiness and thrills she lived right there, along-side me - every step of the way.  It takes a very special kind of soul to keep you real.  And because of this, she is my ultimate soul-mate!

I read somewhere once that all it takes is one person to change your perspective.  To help you finally see that fire within you.  To open your mind to the infinite possibilities that this life (your life) has to offer you.  The only catch is, that you cannot look for such a soul.  That they will be the ones to find you, when you're ready.  At 18, my life was perfect in every way- or so I thought!  I had no idea what was coming or in store for me, but God knew.  That is why I truly believe that she was sent to find me, on that faithful day.  She's been my strength, my hero all these years.  I could never have gotten through all the good, all the bad or all the very ugly times without her.

Now, she's about to become a Mommy.  Literally any day now.  Something she's wanted and talked about since we were 18.  I couldn't be more excited for her.  She was always meant to be a Mom.  This I am as sure of, like breathing.  Very soon, she will be giving birth to a baby girl.  How fitting.  She will have a daughter, and I a niece - so we can continue our little "Girl's Club"

Without a doubt, this baby girl will be the luckiest one, in all the world!  She will be a "world-class Mommy" in every way, of this I am truly certain.  It's of no real surprise, though.  Her Mom was an incredible woman.  The love that she gave us all, while she was on this earth, was magical.  The love she exuded for her family was a true joy to watch.  Although she only had 2 girls of her own, we all called her Mom.  We miss her every, single day.  I wish she was here with us, so that she could witness what's about to happen to her daughter.  If there was any moment in life that a daughter truly needs her Mother, it would be now.  But, I know she's been here nevertheless, every step of the way.  In fact, I believe that she's made some deal with the guy upstairs, to make sure that her baby girl, has her baby girl, for Mother's Day!  What an amazing first gift that would be, huh?  Having your first baby on such a special day!

**To my very best friend in all the land:
I know how much you hate being the center of attention or having people make a fuss over you.  Well, that's just too damn bad!  Because the world deserves to know just how remarkable you are.  Not only to me - but to all those who have ever had the distinct pleasure and privilege of knowing you. We've had so many moments together:  Hard ones and glorious ones, Lord knows.  But the love and loyalty we have for one another has always remained a constant.  Surely, you must know just how much you mean to me.  You're the only person I've ever given a "fairy-tale, nick-name" to! And you know how much "happy ever-after" stories have always meant to me.  They, like you, are so special.  I am so very proud of all you do.  In the next day or two, we will have a beautiful Princess to love and fuss over.  I cannot wait!  Sharing this part of your journey will truly be one of my favorites. 

I just wanted to say thank you for saving my life, time and time again.  You've always been there, no matter what.  I honestly don't know what I would ever do without you here with me.  My heart would surely die.  You are the epitome of what a soul-mate and best friend should be.  You are my hero, and I thank God for loving me that much, to bring me YOU!**

Looking forward to welcoming my niece to this world, very soon.

Gina & Richard Kearney - Congratulations!  You will both be great!  I am beyond thrilled for you both!! I am counting the hours until I meet her.

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