Sunday, November 15, 2015



 Feeling the united gasps of shock and terror across the world when crimes against humanity happen are a natural state of being but, why must it take such horrific tragedies to spread concern and desperate need for peace in our lands?!  How many more of our vibrant cities, filled with life and light must be silenced with explosions and darkness?!  Or yet, why aren’t all the cities of the world allowed love, excitement and peace in the same reflection?

Until we are all equal to live in freedom the same way, there will be no peace.  War and terrorism will become a norm in our world and all human beings in every city will enter into a “surreal and horrifying world of senseless violence” – until the end of time. 

Unless, by some miracle, we decide that our world is worth saving, and our lives are priceless!  Not just “our lives” but the lives of ALL those who live.   

To all those who's lives have been silenced by war and terrorism (which should be all of us) - May we find hope and give birth to new ways of finding peace.

To all those who are filled with so much rage and pain, because of their lack of choice, freedom and democracies - May you have the courage to seek out knowledge and love, rather than revenge and darkness.   

To all of us - May we someday truly comprehend that ALL lives are precious and equal - no matter where we live, what color our skin is or what God(s) we pray to.  This, above all else, is what I pray for -everyday!

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