Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Have You Ever...

Have ever felt so lost that you thought you could never find your way home?
Or that all the days God could possibly grant you upon this earth would never be enough to make you feel alive
Have you ever felt so afraid that you could barely stand?
That no amount of air could ever help you breathe
Have you ever stood so quietly in one place before, completely and utterly afraid to move?
Where even the slightest blink of an eye could cause a noise
Have you ever felt the exact moment in which your heart just broke?
When one more word would tare your body to utter pieces.
Have you ever loved so much that you swear you were breathing for them?
That you could feel all their pain
Have you ever heard all the voices of reason in your mind speak at once?
Where at times even their silence was deafening
Have you ever wished that you could start all over?
But too afraid that no matter how many beginnings were granted it would never be enough to right all your wrongs
Have you ever been so afraid to be alone?
Yet, the feeling of being with others was completely suffocating

Have you ever been so afraid to die

That you never ever truly lived a day in your life
Have you ever felt so torn between good and evil?
That neither of them could possible prevail
Have you ever felt so distant?
That even wings could not carry you home
Have you ever been in love?
That no matter what you did you were merely just a prisoner of its game?

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