Monday, July 12, 2010

Zarmig & David....

We have come here today in celebration of your promise to one another.
A promise you have pledged within your hearts
One of admiration, respect and love,
A vow that one day soon shall be witnessed by God above

A love that should never to be tried, tested or broken
A bond that should always be evident and seen.
Even when words are left unspoken

What was once a wish for a soul mate sent to the heavens in form of silent prayer
Spoken between two entities through this world of space and time
Has now been realized in both your hearts
That from this day on your lives will forever be intertwined.

For God has blessed you both with a keeper for your heart
One that will love, honor and always know your worth
Even when apart

Where once two hearts, two souls and two journeys dwelled apart
Will now be infinitely bound by God, by Love
And most importantly within your heart.

I wish for you both infinity of happiness, health and love
And may you never feel more whole then when you are together.
All my love always to you both

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