Saturday, July 3, 2010


On July 1, our dearly beloved Government decided to stick it to us once more; by introducing the nation to the "Ole Mighty" H.S.T.

For those of you who aren't aware of what this actually is, here is a simple breakdown: Our G.S.T. tax (5%) is now being combined with our P.S.T. tax (8%) to create a new 13% H.S.T. tax.

Apparently, this tax is suppose to provide cuts for businesses and other eligible parties. So basically those with money already, will receive MORE tax breaks than they already do. Another scenario of "the rich get richer, and the poor getting it up the butt".

Oh sure they try to tell you that they are giving individuals and families tax credits. If you have filed as a single person: You will receive three equal payments of $100.00, and if you've filed as a family with dependents: then three equal payments of $350.00 will be yours. As if this could possibly begin to cover the amount of money we will be dishing out throughout the year. It isn't nearly enough. Yet another feeble attempt the Government has made to "justify" their actions.

I for one cannot understand why no one has stood up and loudly objected to this H.S.T. mess. I mean no big rally, no petitions against the bill and no true news coverages of how "we, the people" actually feel about this entire ordeal. How can we let this just happen? Why have we just stood by and allowed our Government to do this to us? I mean why even vote? Yes, that's right, I said it. There it is. I am sick and tired of going out and making an educated vote, only for it to be wasted on the numerous amount of twits that continuously become elected and put into office. They make the mess and we (society) are ALWAYS stuck cleaning it up.

We do our part right? We obey the laws and live somewhat peacefully within our own prospective societies. We pay into CPP, health care and taxes. Yet, somehow, someway, our fearless leaders manage to swindle away every last dime into "God knows what" and then claim that our beloved Country is in a huge deficit and we must all ban together and help get ourselves out of the financial mess we are in. Seriously? Does no one see what a load of BS this all is? Sure we do, yet we choose to do nothing about it. Let our Dear Government take some pay cuts and administer some constructive lay offs. Stop having these bloody meetings that cost "us, the tax payers" millions of dollars. You want to have "worldly meetings" than you all ban together and pay the fee. We have enough of your mess to clean up. Even a visit from our beautiful Queen must be paid for by the tax payers. Why exactly? Surely the Queen can afford her own trips no?

So why do we just stand by and do nothing? Say nothing. We will light police cars on fire and break store windows to make a point about G20 Summit Meetings, yet we don't do nearly as much to protest against these ridiculous new taxes they come up with or about the continual hike in gas prices. It's all very sad. Do we really live in a democracy, because it sure doesn't feel very fair from where I'm standing.

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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  1. I believe that the HST is a good thing for the following reasons:
    1) Businesses can use the ITCs as credit and therefore spend more rather than give it to the government. This HELPS the economy.
    2) It removes the provincial level of government responsible for administration of the PST and puts it in the hand of a federal structure already in place. This SAVES the taxpayer in the long run.
    3) I am in a province that has no PST or HST.