Friday, March 18, 2011

What Group Will You Be In On Judgement Day ?

I had the most horrific dream last night. I dreamt that the world was truly ending. Now I do realize that my dream may very well have been manifested from all of the terrible things going on in the world today. How could one not be terrified. The contents scared me so bad that I woke up in a cold sweat and for the life of me could not get back to sleep.

The dream itself was very detailed and took on a religious approach. For those of you whom have ever read the “Book of Revelations” from the Bible will know that the narration goes something like this: It is said that on Judgement Day, the son of God will come back to earth to witness it’s destruction and all living things upon it. It will be the final and eternal judgement by God. God will separate those who will inherit and share his Kingdom in love and those he will banish to the depths of hell in everlasting punishment.

In my dream, I witnessed a different kind of God than the one I was always taught to believe. The God of love, peace and forgiveness was mad, angry and wanted to inflict pain on every living thing in his path. I remember his eyes more than anything. He looked at me and spoke without speaking, almost saying: “I have given you all many chances to live with all the glories I have given you – and this is what you have made me come to do. His eyes were wicked and filled with much anger and pain.

He gathered all people and huddled them in a corner high above the ground. He wanted us all to see what he was about to do. He waved his arms and hands in all directions. In one respect he retracted all the water from the earth, leaving everything bare and left to die. Then, he turned to another side and pushed the water from him back out onto the earth again, causing a tidal wave that practically wiped out anything that was left on the earth. Then, he raised the earth, causing cracks and rifts on the ground. There were some people who fell in.

When it was all “said and done” He divided mankind into two groups. Those who were going with him and those who were not. However, unlike what the Bible stated, he did not banish one group to the underground (Hell). He made those people stay to fend for themselves on an earth left with nothing. That was their punishment. To fend for themselves in every way with no assistance from God ever again. The others he took with him by putting his arms around them all in one single motion.

The rest of the dream was about how those who were left behind had to fend for themselves. It was the most gruesome sight I ever saw. Some groups were drowning in the floods, while others were trapped in the depths of the cracked earth. Some where trying frantically to find food to eat. When they finally realized that there was no food to be found anywhere-they began to eat themselves. It was a horrible horrible thing to witness.

When I woke up, something really grabbed a hold of me and for the life of me I could not let this thought go: Why was I on the earth with the others and not with God in heaven? All I witnessed was just how bad hell can be for those God deems unworthy of sharing eternal life with him. Why was I never shown the other side? Was I one of those horrible people, whose done horrible things to others? Am I to remain in “hell” until the end of time?

Once the initial shock was over and my heart rate came back down to “normal” I realized that I truly need to work on me and be the best “me” I can be. To give of myself more. To become more involved within my community and to help others. To truly live up to my potential in every way possible. To be the “me” that God created and wanted me to be. To share the gifts he has given me with the world – always!
When my time on earth is done and I am standing before my God, the last thing I want is for him to look upon me with that same stare I saw in my dream today. It was paralyzing.

- - - - Note to Ray - - - -

* Ray, you see? This is why I should NEVER discuss World Issues or Politics before bedtime* :)

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