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I wanted to share a very special blog with all of you today.  One that will hopefully spread awareness about an important cause.  The one I speak of is none other than: MS.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Multiple Sclerosis allow me to briefly explain what it is to you.  It's a vicious disease that attacks the nervous system, within the human body.  A disease with unpredictable symptoms that vary from person to person and over time.  What it does is it attacks the covering of the brain and spinal cord, causing inflammation and damaging it.  It disrupts and distorts nerve impulses to those regions.  People living with this disease quickly become painfully aware that they are not in control of their functions at all times.  It's a scary process and one that definitely needs more attention.

I have been involved with MS projects over the years.  Growing up I was always part of the yearly "Read-A-Thon" in our local community to help raise money for the cause, I but never really knew about the disease to it's full capacity.  I looked at it as:  It's a good cause and I love to read so what the hell.  Today, it's painfully different.  Today, it sits too close to home and with those I love. 

It's been almost a year now since my little cousin, Erika got diagnosed with MS. I still remember the feeling of numbness that washed over me when I first heard the news.  I went over and over it in my mind and asked the all time famous question - "why her?"  It's funny how life can change in a blink of an eye and something that you barely thought about now becomes the centre focal point of your universe overnight.
I immediately began to think about how she would allow the news to manifest itself into her existence and became saddened at the thought of this breaking her. 

Erika is the youngest of three sisters.  All of which I share an incredible connection with.  Watching them grow up I always smiled to myself at the uncanny resemblances we all shared.  I saw so much of myself in all of them.  The eldest sister exudes the same head strong attitude I do, along with a protective armour around herself and all those she loves.  The middle sister shares my "dreamer like" qualities, love for books and never allows anyone to own the definition of who she is.  Then, there's Erika.  Not only do we share an incredible facial resemblance, but a spiritual one as well.  Naturally I would be protective of them, for the three of them together make up my entire chemistry.  It breaks my heart to know that I cannot protect her from this.  Yet, what I can do is help her fight and that's exactly what I intend to do. 

Erika, for whatever reason, it seems that MS is one of your crosses to bare within this life.  I want you to know that you are never alone in ANY fight during this journey.  I will always be right there beside you every step of the way until you tell me to go away.  Even then, I never will.  You see, I love you and will never stop.  Which means that you're stuck with me for this entire journey of your life.  I will never allow you to give up on any part or aspect of your life-especially this one.  I know it will be a trying road, but when you want to give up just remember why you've held on for so long.  Take comfort in the fact that you have so many people around you who support you in every way. 

I know there are times when you feel beaten in life, but always know that it's never about the obstacles God puts in your pathway, but the lessons and strength you gain as a person from them being put there.  You are a strong and vibrant light, so don't ever allow anything to diminish that within you.  Always remember that nothing can be given power unless you allow it power.  So only give power to positive thoughts and you will always be free.  That is my own pesonal quote, made just for you!

Never allow this disease to take control of the person you are.  For you would rob the world of your incredibly beauty if you ever did.  Never allow your eyes to loose their sparkle, and never loose that gorgeous smile that appears on your lips every time I see you.  Most importantly, never loose that child like spirit you possess within your heart.  Instead, allow God to use you as a canvas to draw on and help him guide your path well.

Always remember that you are perfect just as you are. The way you were made was purposely done, as God makes no mistakes.  If anything, you are more so perfect now than ever before.  I love you with all my heart and truly believe that you are capable of the most remarkable things.  Live your life for you-your way and never allow something out of your control to direct you in any way.  Instead you show this thing that you control yourself and you're gonna fight every step of the way.

If you or anyone you love is currently living with MS than you know how important it is to find the answers.  How crucial it is to continue to fight for it's execution.  So let us do all it is we can to educate those around us and help the cause.  Again, something is only as strong as the power we allow it.  So stand up and be heard.  Show support in any way you can for Erika and the millions of people who live with this disease each day.  Become part of the research of MS by donating now.  Or get involved in special events surrounding this disease in your community, so that we can make this disease a thing of the past.  Let's put an end to the madness today.

Please visit: and become aware.

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