Monday, June 13, 2011

Silence Of The Lambs

I experienced the most disturbing thing today-actually two things.

On two separate occasions today, I was sadly present while some strangers decided to openly have a racist conversation in public.  I truly could not believe my ears.  For a moment, I could swear that if I closed my eyes It would have felt as though I was back in the day when J.F.K. was President or when Hitler was in power.  The conversation literally took civilization back a few decades.  To say that I was disgusted would be the understatement of the year.  By the time the second instance came about I could not hold myself still any longer.

I actually stopped what I was doing and stared at the two gentleman having this open conversation.  They noticed me, but still continued speaking.  At that moment, I don't really know what bothered me more:  The fact that they ignored my existence or the context of conversation they chose to have in public.  Needless to say at this point, I was furious. 

When I wouldn't stop staring or walk away, one of them men actually made a comment to me.  "May I help you?" came from his lips.  Well, you know me, I saw my opportunity and took it-willingly.

I communicated the fact that their conversation was not only inappropriate but utterly disgusting.  The reply:  "Why, they aren't here and besides it's a free country, I can say whatever the hell I want" I don't really know why I was so shocked at that response, but I was.  All I could say in return was that as a human being I was insulted and sad.  Insulted because apparently, I shouldn't have been bothered by the conversation being Caucasian.  I was sad because in this day and age, I never would have imagined that the human race truly has not grown in this area.  It never ceases to amaze me just how ridiculous some can be.

I never want to live in a world where making fun of anyone, for any reason is considered OK.  I cannot believe that I was the only one who decided to say anything to the "men in conversation"  I know those around me felt the exact same way that I did and yet...said nothing.  I think that is the real problem within our society today.  Everyone is just too afraid to do what's right or stand up for what's right.  By keeping silent it makes you a "party to the injustice".  If you do nothing, say only portrays the wrong message to those who are wrong.  The message that you are condoning their actions and that is just not right.

I for one will never be afraid to speak my mind.  Yes, it may cause to be troublesome for me at times, but I'd rather go out knowing that I stood for something, than to simply sit back and accept the nonsense.
I simply will NOT tolerate racism ( of any kind) to be "alright" in my world.  For those of you who do I have just one question for you?  How on earth do you look at yourself in the mirror?

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