Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Dawn

I had the most incredible sleep last night.  You know the one.  The kind where you wake up in the exact same spot you fell asleep in.  The kind where when you awake you actually forget where you are for just a second.  That kind!  I woke up this morning (for the first time in months) feeling refreshed, alive and eager to start the day.  I know it sounds a bit silly to be "blogging" about something so trivial, but for those who know me, will understand. 

I've been suffering from severe insomnia for almost a year now.  My nights are usually days and my days have become nights.  It's a horrible thing because it effects your job, driving a car and even your social life.  It also brings about a certain depressive state, one which I don't need to sink any more into, might I add.

So today is a good day.  I don't have many, but I'm hoping this will drive itself into a trend of some sort.  One step, one day at a time.  That's how I'm trying to lead my life nowadays.  When there is so much to fix/change or alter within your life, it's the only way you can think.  If you try to juggle too many thoughts at once (as I always seem to do) you can easily spiral out of control

So I'm thankful to God for the rest and rejuvenation!  I hope it lasts for a little while at least, but all I can be happy about is for the day.  Nothing more than that!

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