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Intimate & Interactive Spot-light With The Writer - Part 4

As promised to all of my fans, I decided to dedicate my "100th" Blog Post to all of you, by doing another "Intimate & Interactive" session about me.

I wanted to start off by giving thanks to all of you ( my loyal readers) for all your emails.  I never expected to get that much fan mail about this particular blog, so I was completely touched.  I read every last email (and boy were there a lot of them!) It seems that many of you want this session to be "very intimate" as many of your questions rotated around the same thing.  I did my best to pick a chosen few to comment on during this session, so I hope you enjoy the  piece.  Happy 100th to all my Life Afx followers!

IF YOU HAD THE POWER TO GO BACK IN TIME AND CHANGE ONE DAY/MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE/PAST WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY?  That's easy.  There are two moments.  The day my Grandmother, Ernestina died and the day that my high school boyfriend, Nael Ayoub died.  They still remain the most painful moments of my life.  I truly believe that if they never left me, my life would have been so different.  However, in death they taught me to love, forgive and cherish every moment with those you have.  Death is final folks!  You can't go back and take words/actions away.  You can't go back and wish that you loved more, or ask for/gave forgiveness.  You can't go back and make more time to spend with them, because they gone-forever.  So today, I love until my heart overflows.  I forgive because I have never been perfect and it hurts too much to keep pain in your soul.  I cherish everyone around me and say I love you as much as I can, because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. 

HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BECOME A WRITER?  No.  My initial dream was to become a professional singer.  Then I wanted to become a lawyer.  It wasn't until my late 20's that I really began to appreciate writing and my style of it.  People had mentioned in the past that they appreciated my thoughts but it never truly resonated with me until adulthood.

WHAT IS PLAYING IN YOUR CAR STEREO AT THIS VERY MOMENT?  U2 - HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB ALBUM.  Track #2 ( Miracle Drug) and Track # 10 ( Original of the Species) are my favourites!  Truth be told, I was never a U2 fan growing up.  I appreciated their music and talent for writing, but it just wasn't my thing.  Then, this album changed everything.  I love it.  The entire thing is like a lyrical masterpiece.  It's incredible from start to finish!   

HOW IS THE WRITING OF YOUR FIRST BOOK COMING ALONG?  I'm really happy with the progress I am making.  It's slow but steady.  It will be called:  "The Beautiful Truth" and I am aiming to have it completed in late 2012.  I know you all want more details about it, but you'll just have to

HOW HAVE YOUR FRIENDS INFLUENCED YOUR LIFE AND WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO THEM?  Growing up, my parents taught me that those you choose to "run in circles with" are a direct reflection of the person you are.  Therefore, you should never become a part of something that you do not believe in or respect.  In doing so you disrespect the being you are.  That has always remained with me.  I am blessed to know an abundance of people, but only a "chosen few" share my "everyday life".  I love them most because they are all exceptional individuals with the kindest of souls/hearts.  I chose them to become a direct extension of me because they are all my heros and people I could only hope to be like someday.  They are wonderful role models.  They support and influence my life in every way because they give me the strength each day, to be all that I am - no matter how difficult or long the journey getting there can be.  They would never except anything less.  I choose them to stand by me because they are loving, non-judgmental/racist, forgiving, caring and positive individuals.  However, let it be said that I love them most because they're human, and we all dwell in an existence of beautiful imperfection.

HOW IS THE SINGLE LIFE TREATING YOU?  I knew this question was going to creep up on  For all those of you who have asked:  Yes, I am still single.  I've been single now for 6 months and I must say that I am enjoying myself.  Ending relationships is never easy.  It always leaves you feeling empty, like you're missing something.  However, I made a certain pledge (shall we say) to my close friends and family that I will remain single and explore life "as a single gal" for the moment.  Truth be told, I have never really been single.  All my life, I have always been a part of something/someone, but never really took the time to just "do me" and be on my own.  Nevertheless, there are always boys around to "challenge my pledge" lol.  Dating is fun.  There is something about meeting new potential "love interests" and making connections that has always been so intoxicating for me.  But, I am living in the moment, one day at a time...just for me.  There are good days and bad days but mostly good days.  I'm happy. 

WHAT ARE SOME THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO..."HMMM"...  Ohh geez, this could take all  Here's a few:
  • Why is it that I see Police Officers talking on their cell phones while driving daily?
  • How so many of us get so caught up in the lives of those around us, that we forget to live/worry about our own
  • The Seasons of Jersey Shor
  • Will we always be stuck with the horrible/poor services of Rogers Communications?
  • Why individuals allow jealousy to ruin/rule their lives?
  • Why is it that good people always end up with bad karma?
  • 5-day work weeks and 2-day weekends
  • Why we makith and the Government will always takith away?
  • Bad teeth { I know it's a horrible thing to say because you cannot always help that kind of thing, but it's true.  I can't handle it.}
  • Arrogance { I don't have time for rude, mean and egotistical men}
  • Racist comments/behaviours { I don't tolerate this in any form or fashion.  People who engage in this sort of thing (however minor/harmless they believe it to be) are not people I associate with.  There is no circumstance that could ever justify individuals using racist terms/making jokes or attempting to make points in a conversation involving racism.  These actions utterly disgust me.  One life..One love people!!!}
  • Serial "bed hoppers"  { the ones who think it's "ok" to have a few encounters/relationships going on at once and "doin' the dirty" with all of them.  Hey, I'm all about everyone living their own lives and you can, but this sort of thing just won't fly with me.  So don't try to change my mind by putting me down and calling me "uptight"  If you are this kind of man, you will never be "my man" or in my bed}
  • Men who stare at other women when they are out on a date with you.  { This is one of the most dis-respectful things you can do to a woman -in her presence.  Look guys, we're human and we all look/acknowledge the opposite sex, but have some courtesy NOT to do it while we're in the room and can see it.  That's just tacky}
  • Emotional Baggage { We all have it, but fellas...if you aren't over your Ex then don't date yet!  There is nothing worse than trying to compete with the one before you - nor should you have to.  I hate it when I'm on a date or getting to know someone and they do nothing but totally bash "women in a general sense" or their Ex's.  It's just bad manners, not to mention rude as hell.  Wanna turn off a woman fast?  Then do this.  She will go running for the hills in no time flat.  Hey, we've all been there.  We've all been emotionally destroyed, at one time or another by the opposite sex.  Move on.  It's not fair to condemn the new person with the old one's sins.  Nor is it fair to paint all men/women with the same brush, just because you've had a "few bad apples"  That's just sad..}
  • Tequila / Martinis/ Belinis / Grey Goose Vodka & Cranberry /Wine ( white or blush in colour) { No, I'm not a lush but when I indulge in "drinks with the girls etc.." these are my specials!}
  • Sex and the City re-runs { Yes, I'm}
  • Stayin' in bed for the majority of the day, on Sundays { I know, it's horrible right?  Hey, I work and play hard all week.  Sundays are "my days" to just sleep in, read, catch up with friends/family etc.. ...from my bedroom}
  • Texting { It's a bad habit, but a wonderful pass-time while you're getting a pedicure or waiting for your date to arrive, because you choose to get their early}
  • Spinach/Strawberry/Green Olive/Walnuts with Balsamic dressing salads { the sweet/salt of this concoction makes my mouth water}
  • Thai food { I love it so much that I've even learned to master a few dishes, myself}
  • Purses
  • Latin Men, Soccer & Tennis Players { something about them makes my heart skip a beat and my skin flushed}

Well, I believe this is a good place to conclude this session of:  "Intimate and Interactive with the Writer"
Thank you again to all of you who wrote in with your questions.  For those of you who didn't get your questions featured this time around, I promise I will get to yours in another session.

Be well and live a great life, everyday!

PEACE, LOVE and all that good stuff...

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