Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dating and the City - Part 1

It seems that my last blog entry has sparked what seems to be a common interest in my fan base. That is, none other than, the topic of dating. I have both written and been a part of many different "dating blogs" in the past. It never ceases to amaze me just how intrigued and willing most people are to discuss the topic.

Dating. It's a conversation that never gets old. So what is it about dating that has us (as a society) so incredibly fascinated?

Let's face it. We all have them. Great dating stories and yes, of course, the "not so great ones" too. They're fun, exciting, hilarious and extremely informative. How many of us have learned valuable lessons to apply in our own lives, simply by listening to a friend's "nightmare date story" on a Friday night? I know I have. And yet, somehow I still manage to top their stories on occasion. Nevertheless, it's engaging conversation that will capture anyone's attention in a hurry. Try it sometime. It's a great ice-breaker. I can still remember one evening in particular, doing just that!

It was a lazy Friday night, in the middle of winter. A few girlfriends and I decided to head down to "Café Diplomatico" on College Street, in downtown Toronto. The Four of us were sitting there, sipping our lattes and minding our own business, when we caught the attention of the group of guys sitting next to us. We were laughing and carrying on about "men in our city" and how crazy the "dating scene" always seemed to be. We took turns sharing stories and experiences that we had with men and hadn't really noticed just how loud we had become. Enjoying ourselves and being so wrapped up in our own conversation, we barely noticed them at first. Until one of them decided to share their own opinion on the subject to us out loud.

"It's because you women don't have a clue what you really want, from one minute to the next"

That was the first comment that came across. Instinctively followed by:

" All you women want are long term relationships. You never just "go with the flow" God forbit women can  just ride it out - to see what happens next"

Well, this opened up a whole can of worms and it was "game on" After almost a two hour discussion of "Venus vs. Mars" 2 guys left with two girls and one guy even managed to get one girl's number. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty productive and powerful rap session, wouldn't you say? *giggles*

No matter what, I just don't think men and women will ever be "equals" in the dating world. It's just too complicated. We have our own rules and well, men have theirs and neither group is willing to give them up! It's a game at best and if you're willing to play let it be known that only the strongest come out un-phased. The rest of us either get "chewed up and spit back out" running to try our luck again, or just simply chewed up!

All in all, we must remember that it's suppose to be fun. Remember that word? Sadly, I think most of us don't associate the two words possibly being in the same sentence. I hear many of my married friends refer to dating as "the worst part of their entire lives" Some say that they are really glad that they don't have to be a part of that circle anymore. Then there are those who have been married for ions that kind of miss the dating game altogether. They hear about one great dating story, from one of their friends or catch wind of a good time their friend had, out on the town one night and BOOM! They are ready and willing to forfeit their own relationships for a taste of the single life again. Any way you slice it, the grass always seems greener on the other side, doesn't it? We all want what we cannot have in this moment. The same is said about dating.

Dating is full of men and women who simply want what they cannot have. We obsess over it. We will play any game out there if it means that we will finally get what we want in the other sex. Then, when we get it, we spend the next bit of time wondering why in the hell we ever wanted "THIS" to begin with. Crazy isn't it? Well, that's dating!

The subject is so fascinating that I could literally go on for days on end about it. However, I will spare you and end here…..for now! :) However, I could be persuaded to continue this conversation in another blog, if you all really try to convince me… *wink*


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