Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bring Me Back To Life

I always find it incredible how easily music can jolt one's memory.  It can literally change your state and affect our behaviour without even being consciously aware of it. Now that's what I call powerful influence at its best!

I found myself going through my music collection over the weekend, and I began to play some "nameless CDs" in order to figure out what was on them. One CD led to two and so on. Before I knew it, I was digging into my "older stuff". Music I haven't listened to in years. With each song I played it instantly brought me back to a certain time and place. It's as though the tune manipulated my brain and took my entire being to a place I hadn't known/visited in quite some time.

Immediately, my emotions got involved and all the memories came flooding back like a tidal wave. It was fascinating how quickly my mind brought back every last detail, event and sensation; related to whatever it was I was playing at that moment. Not to mention people that I had shared my life with during those times.

Music allows each of us the opportunity to live our history as an experience. It does this by restoring lost moments we once treasured, bringing them back to life in an instant. As a woman (and I'm sure most of you can relate) I have always associated music with men. C'mon ladies, you know this is true. Who can pick up a Bon Jovi album and not think of at least one guy and at least one moment you spent with him? I'm sure you can!

Well, I cannot speak for everyone but for me, music is the route of all things wonderful. A hidden "sixth sense" . Most believe we have only five, but I know better. It's almost like smelling a certain scent. Do you know what I mean? When you smell something it instantly reminds you of someone/something and takes you back to all things familiar to that very fragrance. It's quite common after all,they do say that scent is the one element closely linked to one's memory. I also believe this to be true however; music makes a direct
correlation to memory as well. At least in my books.

It has always amazed me what a certain song will allow your mind to remember. It has the power to make you come alive again, cry again and even (dare I say) fall in love again, with someone/something in
the past. I can think of a million different songs this very second,that will forever link me to a certain moment or individual. Mainly how my heart belonged, in love with certain people. Here is but to name a few:

 Everybody Wang Chung Tonight (Wang Chung) - Acapulco Trip in 1987

 By The Dash Board Light ( Meatloaf) - Vince Galloro / The Gang on Dyrimple, at Jane/Bloor Street, in Toronto.

Jessie's Girl ( Rick Springfield) - Nancy Galloro and her "school chums" - Carm and Connie

Dress You Up ( Madonna) - Nancy Galloro.  She took me to my very first Madonna concert ( and every one thereafter), where I met my idol - Madonna.  I have looked/admired and cherished this woman's music ever since that day.

Look out Weekend (Debbie Dance mix) - Lucy Iozzo and all the Italian club dances we attended

Baby Love ( Regina - Dancemix) - The very first guy I ever fell in love with - John Ruffalo

One Way Love (TKA - Dancemix) - The end of my first relationship with John Ruffalo

Start Me Up ( The Rolling Stones) - Mike and Joe Veroni

Hysteria ( Def Leppard) - Joanne and I writing this band's name, across our school wall on summer break, while taking a break from playing tennis at Gracedale park.

Heaven's On Fire (Kiss) - Robbie, Doni and Paulie Giardulli.  My favourite brothers, next to my own!

I Think I Love You From Head To Toe ( Lisa Lisa ) - The Sila Banquet Hall, where the DJ playing there kept playing this song once every hour to try and get me to go out with him.

Cruel Summer (Bananarama) - Watching The Karate Kid Movie (for the first time) with Tony Scarlato and my brothers.

Never say Goodbye ( Bon Jovi ) - Humber Summit School Dance with my boyfriend Jimmy Arniotis. A true gentleman and sweetheart, who always made me smile.  *I'm sorry I broke your heart*

Spring Love ( Stevie B ) - One of the greatest "80's summers", when I met/feel in love with Carlo Caruso

They're Playin' Our Song ( Trinere) - Hanging out at Beckers / "The Park at Weston/Wilson Ave" with the gang ( Maria, Fredrick, Tony,Carlo, Domenic, Paul and I )

Diamond Girl - The very first "night-club" I ever got into with -Maria Nero and Jeanne Palumbo. I danced with Rubin " the Latino Cubin" all night long!

Party Your Body ( Stevie B) The 9th Grade Emery School Dance.  I was dancing with Maria, where I then got on top of Frank's shoulders and saw the cutest boy I had ever seen, across a crowded dancefloor.  His name was Nael "Nick" Ayoub.  It was love at first sight :) * I miss/love you so much*

Season's Change ( Expose) - Emery's Christmas Dance at Rio Banquet Hall.  My first Christmas with Nael. We attended with his brother Mike and his best friend (at the time) Harrin. He bought me a white monkey stuffed animal with a scarf tied around it's neck, made up of our school colours.  He must have poured an entire bottle of "Azzaro" cologne on it.  He said that he wanted me to think of him everytime I held it, so he made it smell like him.  :)  It still does...

The Joshua Tree CD ( U2 ) Jimmy Arniotis, Freddrick, Frank Noble, Nick/Melanie Rossi

In A Dream ( Rockell ) Ida and Josie Dolce.  I can still see Josie dancing in her driveway, on Honeywood!
The Afterglow CD ( Sarah McLachlan ) - Melisa Cannella
Take Me In Your Arms / Promise Me ( Little Suzy) - Daniela Paletta.  Driving all over town in her new red Jetta, with the beats up high and the windows down low.
Let The Music Play (Shannon), Rhythm Is A Dancer ( Snap), Anything From The Young Backstreet Boys or Madonna - Gina Droutsas.  There truly are too many songs that bring back memories with this girl!!!!
Two Steps Behind (Def Leppard) Frank Di Stasi ( every damn song from this band has been tainted) lol
Mama, I'm Comin' Home / No More Tears ( Ozzy Ozbourne) - Johnny Giardulli
The How To Stop An Atomic Bomb CD ( U2) - Johnny Giardulli
The Emancipation of Mimi CD ( Mariah Carey) Making out with Milan Rodriguez in the parking lot of Arizona's Bar, at 2 am, on cold and rainy Friday night, after dancing the night away in the bar with Eva, Daniela, Gina, Julie and Melisa.
The 8701 CD (Usher) - Eva Gabinet
Daddy's Home ( Usher) Greg Marsbergen
There are many, many more ( as you can imagine)  My apologies for the long winded list.  Once I got going I just couldn't stop.  Now you know just how addictive music is in this Writer's life!


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