Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Return to Innocence

Lay your head down and rest
Close those big beautiful eyes one last time
And drum up one last lullaby
For today you become Heaven's guest.

You had the voice of a songbird, both soothing and free
One this world won't soon forget.
The way you wrote words to music was unique
And you sang them beautifully

How could we have been so blind
How dare we not see
That your words were like daggers through your heart
And not just simply a rhythm to a rhyme

For an artist's heart can feel pain so deep
Like a painter who hangs his portrait revealing a million thoughts
Never needs to say a thing
And a writer will write words they sometimes cannot speak

You once said that love is a losing game
A game that should never be played
For some of us are too weak
And will die from it in the last frame

I too have played the game
With opponents who've won with ease
But if we never take a chance and love, dear lady
Life would surely be a dying shame

May you hear the words I speak to you this day
Like a whisper in the wind from heaven high
Your life had meaning, your beauty had depth
And you spoke the words some of us can never say

You were loved so deep and so true
And I consider myself blessed in every way
That your words and music I found
And opened up a part of me, made possible by you

In your life your words brought meaning
Hitting home with every lyric you ever sang
Now, in death (that came too soon) they'll always be remembered
Left echoing in my mind, as forever thoughts of you lay dreaming

In loving memory of my dearest Amy Winehouse….R.I.P.
May your soul finally feel the freedom it's always wanted, as you return to innocence.
I hope you spend eternity flying high, my song bird.
You will always be missed...

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