Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Beautiful Mind

Lately, I've been doing a lot of  what I like to call "vision meditation"  Something that my relaxation therapist ( yes, I have one) says is something that is vital for all human beings to do daily. 

For those of you who don't know what this is, allow me to explain:

It begins as normal meditation does.  Breathing your way to an inner calmness.  Then, once you have achieved this state of peace, you begin manipulating your mind to focus on images you desire.  So basically, it's allowing only visions of certain things into your mind at that time.  By doing this daily you engage your body and mind to become one focus, one realm of state.  Something that if done regularly can assist you in achieving what you most desire.  After all, what you are or do within this life, always begins by being in the right state of mind to achieve it.

The object of this exercise is to envision what you want for yourself by making your mind believe that you've already achieved them.  Sounds weird right?  Nevertheless, I assure you it works.  It's almost along the same premise as the idea in the movie:  "Field of Dreams"  The entire focal point in that movie was built around the mantra:  "If you built it, they will come"  You apply this the same way.  If you allow yourself to believe something with all your mind, all your body and all your spirit then you condition yourself to achieve it. 

Buddhists believe that meditation has the ability of  teaching one to transform.  That if you condition your mind to believe it can achieve greatness, it will.  That is why some people consider Buddhism to be a kind of psychology.  A theory that I believe whole-heatedly.

The very first time I tried this was almost a year ago.  After having a session with my therapist. During that session he asked me two things:  1) Do I have any goals in place for my life and 2) If I had to choose just one of them to focus on with all my might, which one would it be?  So I did.  I had many, but the one that I kept believing in with all my might was the idea of being a Writer.  Then he said:  "OK, now go home and don't simply "dream" about this goal, believe in it and live it as if you already achieved it".  Again, like many of you are thinking at this point, I thought he was crazy. 

I went home with the idea to try it out.  At that point in time, my life was very unsettling in every way.  I was unsure of my job, my relationship and the person I was in general.  I knew that everything in my life was about to change and I was nowhere near ready for it.  Truth be told, I was scared.  Scared to do what my Therapist had asked because I was afraid of changing my state.  With change comes uncertainty and I wasn't exactly ready for either.  I was miserable in every aspect of my life at that time, but I was settling.  Settling and much more willing to live with the devil I knew than go after the devil I could find if I changed anything.

Then, one day (about 12 months or so ago) I sat all alone and tried it.  That day I began my "vision meditation" journey.  I started off with one thing, as my Therapist had recommended.  I envisioned myself as a Writer.  However, not just any writer but a respected writer.  A writer who touched/helped people, because that is truly the only reason I write.  I carried it from meditating alone in my room to my everyday life.  When I met new people and they asked me who I was, I told them I was a writer.  I actually went around conditioning myself to believe that I had already achieved this goal. 

Two months after I adopted this "way of thinking and meditating" I was approached by someone within my workplace to have a meeting with them, to discuss an opportunity.  Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me, so I accepted.  It was that day that this individual offered me the chance of a lifetime.  It seemed that there was a temporary vacancy within my organization to write and I was being offered the opportunity to "try it on for size"  Believe me when I tell you that til this day, that entire meeting was a complete blur to me.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I didn't know this individual, except in passing, let alone the fact that she knew I loved to write.  When I asked her "why me?" she simply said:  "Well, I hear you're a writer and a damn good one, from what I've seen"  My jaw dropped. 

So for the past 10 months, I have been actively engaged in a "writing role" at my present workplace.  Sadly, this opportunity is not a permanent setting however; it was the first real stepping stone to opening the door to my dream.  To a lady such as myself, with no real writing education or background, it was a dream come true.  I have been doing what I love on a daily basis, while gaining the skills and experience to now venture off and really do this on my own. 

So over the past little while, I have been incorporating this kind of meditation as part of my everyday life.  I have begun putting into action what I need to do to achieve my own greatness.  What I feared most a year ago came to light.  The life and the person I was 12 months ago no longer exists.  Everything has changed. It's been a difficult and scary transition but it needed to be done. 

Shortly thereafter, I began "LIFE AFX" My very own idea that both allows and assists new artists ( of any realm) to begin living their own dreams and making them a reality.  An idea that will introduce new artists to the world.  What I've learned is that we all have dreams, and sometimes it's just not enough to believe in them yourself.  You always need someone in your corner who believes them too.  I want to be that person for others.  So this is my new dream and I hope it will take off and set fire to the sky.  I hope that by igniting my dream it will also allow your dreams to come true too.

Today, I try to not only dream my dreams, but live them.  I haven't exactly captured all of them in the realm of my mind or state of consciousness just yet-but it's coming.  So watch out world!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

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