Friday, July 1, 2011

Intimate and Interactive - Part Three - Meeting the Writer

Many of you have asked for yet another "Meet The Writer" piece, so I have decided to make a "Part Three" for all of you.  Please do understand that I cannot answer all the questions that you've taken the time to email me about, so when I do these pieces I pick the most popular ones that have been asked.  I truly hope you enjoy it, and thank you once again for all your support and engagement with respect to my writing.

ARE THE RUMORS TRUE?  ARE YOU ON THE "SINGLE MARKET" ONCE AGAIN?  Yes, I am currently single.  I have always been the lady with a man on her arm, so these waters are unfamiliar territory for me.  I love "being in love" and a part of a relationship, however I think I've made haste decisions choosing mates in the past.  The next man I choose to commit to will have to truly be deserving of me, extremely supportive of the person I am and all I stand for.

WHAT ARE THREE OF YOUR BIGGEST PET PEEVES?  Sadly, I have many however, my top three on the list would have to be:  (1) Racism (discrimination of any kind)  It makes me utterly sick when people walk around thinking they are better/superior over others -for ANY reason.  Making someone else feel bad inside is wrong on all levels, period.  (2) Those who bring drama to my life. I truly don't care for it, so I ask that people always "keep it real" with me. I don't like impersonators, so don't pose as a human being unless you are one.  (3) People who gossip about a certain type of person/behaviour or style directly in front of someone sporting it.  Then look directly at you and say: "no offense" really pisses me off.

WHAT ARE THREE THINGS THAT CREEP YOU OUT?  Being in the dark, spiders and men smelling my hair, on the subway.  These things all things that give me the "hebejebeez" lol

ARE YOU INTO FASHION AND IF SO WHAT DESIGNERS DO YOU FANCY?  I am a huge fashion buff.  I truly appreciate (and do) have my own style, but watching fashion shows and the runways to see what's "new and exciting" each season really excites me.  There are many wonderful designers out there, but my most favourite would have to be:  Donna Karan, Ralph Rucci, Louis Vuitton and Manolo Blahnik.  Their visions are truly magical in unique ways.

WHAT IS GIA CURRENTLY READING?  I just finished Tolstoy's "What I believe"  It was a very intense 12 chapter read about his view of the Christian doctrine, which he explains as "a momentary flash of light, which made everything clear to him" 

WHAT IS GIA REALLY LIKE AS A PERSON?  I'm intense in anything I believe in, think of, or feel.  I'm definitely more of a dreamer than a realist.  I can be very "loud and proud" in one instance, but I also have a very gentle soft side to me as well.  There are days when I'm fearless, strong and unstoppable, but in a heartbeat I can become very vulnerable, fragile and broken.  Generally speaking, I'm a simple, down to earth kind of girl, who genuinely cares about people (whether I know them or not).  A woman, who as Judy Garland once said, that in the silence of a night I often wish for words of love from one man who means them, rather than the applause of thousands of people.  Meaning that love will always be more important to me over money.

DO YOU HAVE A BUCKET LIST AND IF SO, WHAT'S ON IT?  Yes, I most certainly do.  Here it is, in no particular order:  (1) I would like to visit the Almafi Coast in Italy.  I remember seeing pictures of it growing up and for a long period of my life, thought it was the most beautiful "get a way" on earth.  (2) I would like to see the pyramids in Egypt.  They have always fascinated me and would love the opportunity to explore their mystery.  (3) I want to spend some time in Tibet and meditate with monks.  I discovered meditation and Buddhism at a time in my life when I truly believed that the loudness in my mind was going to kill me. At a time when I was truly lost.  It taught me about the spirit and the kind of person I want to be.  So I would love the opportunity to experience this way of living.  (4) I would love to meet the following people:  The Dali Lama, Anthony Robbins, Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey.  These four individuals have all shaped my life in very special and meaningful ways.  It would be a true honor to spend time with them.  (4) I want to write a book.  (5) I want to learn how to play the guitar, well. (6) I would love to do "community theatre" and act in plays. Acting is one of my "secret/in the closet" passions.  I would love the opportunity to explore it further someday. (7) I would really love to be a Mother and Wife.  Family has and will always remain one of the most important things in my life.  I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my days both giving and enjoying the love and moments of my own family one day.  (8) I want to be responsible for doing something big for mankind before I die.  These are just to name a few.

WHAT ARE SOME EXCITING THINGS THAT LIFE AFX IS WORKING ON?  Well, I am currently working on building my own website.  There is a lot of work involved, but I really want to take "Life Afx" to the next level.  I have very much appreciated this forum but I believe it's time to go out on my own.

I have started writing my book and I am quite pleased with it.  It's something very simple, that will give you a real idea of what I've learned in my "37 years" on this earth.  The book will include a number of different famous quotes that have truly helped shape my life and the person I am.  I'm writing this book for my babies:  My nephew, Matthew.  My niece, Emily and for the newest addition, who will equally have my heart:  My unborn niece/nephew - due to appear around my birthday.   They are the truest reasons of why I want to live.

There has also been an idea swirl ling around in my brain, over the past month, to begin my own magazine.  The idea is still very fresh, but I would like to explore it further and see what comes of it.  I think I've got a great concept on my hands and truly think it could be successful.  However, at this time I cannot share more than this, so you'll just have to wait and see what transpires.  Yet, the book and web page are my first "orders of business"

DO YOU WRITE BACK TO ALL YOUR FANS?  YES! I most certainly do. Your words are always important to me, so I make a strong effort to reply back to all those who take the time to write me.  I thank you for all your writing suggestions/questions and do my best to incorporate them into my blog pieces.  To make a comment on something in particular:  For those of you who make public comments on my page, thank you.  I always read them.  I do not comment there myself simply because that area of the blog is for you - my public.  It's a place for you to share and express your thoughts about Life Afx.  So please do not feel bad/take offense that I do not directly respond to the feed.  As it was solely meant for all of you. 

For any new comers/followers:  Welcome to Life Afx.  I hope that you will both share and take away many moments/experiences from my writing.  If you wish to contact me directly please do so at: You may also add Life Afx now to Face Book:  Gia Life Afx and on Twitter: @LIFEAFX

This concludes this particular session of "Meeting the Writer - Intimate and Interactive"  More to follow as time progresses. 

Thanks to all of you who support my passion and journey within this life.   This entire experience means more to me than you will ever know.

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