Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Birthday Serenade

My Dearest Mother,

I wish I was the daughter you deserved.
If I could only take away all the tears you cried for me I would.
In there place I would leave diamonds in the shape of their drops.
So that you could know how rich my life is simply because you love me.

I wish so much that I could turn back the hands of time
If only just to take back every ill word I ever spoke in your name.
To see then all that I do now.
Because today I know how much your heart breaks every time you see me frown.

I cannot help but dwell on the fact that as a Mother I have never given you your due.
For all life's defeats and successes you always stood there by my side.
Never accepting my negativity to gain strength.
Always know that whenever I want to give up, it's your love that sees me through.

I suppose it's very true what they say.
That a Mother's love for their child is something no one can ever explain.
It is made up of many different things:  Dreams, fears and humility
Even in the darkest of days it never falters.
God made it so and not even the devil himself could never make that love go away.

Today is yet another birthday for you, my dearest Mother.
One that I truly hope is special in every way.
Always know that I love, adore and honor you forever
With more than my words could ever say.

I am a lucky girl that God loved me this much to make me yours.
You may have given birth to me all those years ago.
But always know that for me, you give me life each day
With all your love, all your words and all your strength
To see something meaningful in me.
That is a gift I could never soon repay.

My love is your love...forever.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

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