Monday, July 4, 2011

An Angel's Goodbye

In loving memory of a great man. Antonio Dodaro. 
This is a poem I wrote, especially for my Uncle, Antonio Dodaro.
He left this life rather suddenly and will be sadly missed.

Isn't it funny how you remember things ( in great detail) when someone dies?  It's uncanny.

My mind has been tapping into memories that I truly haven't thought of, since I was a little girl.

He was a great man, who for as long as I can remember, could make me smile in an instant.  Could make me laugh even faster.  He was a story teller, a singer, a family man.  Someone who still believed that kindness was something worth showing all those you loved each day.

I will never forget him.

I wrote the first thing that came to me and have included it below:

An Angel's Goodbye

An angel came to me  last night
He knelt down by my bedside and said
My time has come, I have to leave
I will not be here in the morning, but rather
by God's side instead

I know my passing came rather quickly
and there was not much time for goodbyes
It will come as a shock to you and I know you'll be sad
But there really is not need to cry

You see when God came for me I was happy to go
Because my destiny has been fulfilled
My life has always been full and I've savoured much
And I spent a great deal of time loving you so

So please do not allow the end of my journey to leave you with a void
Instead I want you to fill it with memories of who I was
Remembering all the ways I brought you joy

Always know that I loved you so
And never think that you didn't do, say or show me yours  enough
You have been the light of my life and reason for my journey
But the time has come and I must go

I promise you that I will always be with you
Sharing the sunshine of tomorrow
Only this time I will be above the sun and you will be below it
And each time it warms your face you will remember me anew.

R.I.P Dearest Uncle.
I cannot wait to someday ride a rainbow with you...

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