Tuesday, March 6, 2012



I wanted to take the opportunity to properly introduce my new website to the world, but most importantly to all of you-my dearest fans.

I know that this is long overdue and that many of you have awaited it’s arrival for some time. I am so honoured and grateful for all your emails with suggestions and input on the site. They were all well received. I truly mean it when I say that LIFE AFX would have never flourished without any of you. Thank you for taking in this silly girls words and made them significant in your life. I cannot tell you how much you all mean to me.

So, essentially the site will be in focus and cause to nurture my writing further, of course. However, it will also be to begin the Promotion of different artists that I will be working with, in order to get their careers started or furthering them within the industry. Being a struggling/starving artist myself, I know how hard it is to get your name/work out there. To make it known to the world. To follow your dreams and your passions. So my big focus will be bringing the world articles and bios to help promote artists/clients that I believe have that X-Factor; and bring Public Relations to a whole other level for them. You may even see some of my own music here someday. One never knows what the future can hold!!

As well as my own blog writing and artist promos, I still wanted to keep a fun/fresh vibe to the page, so I have decided to keep the “LIFE AFX Horoscope and Dating 101 pages” going.

The Horoscope will be PERSONALLY written by “yours truly” each month, and it will be my very own take on your sign and what I believe will be in store for you each month. A little light and funny reading in a world where all is taken WAY too seriously. So I really hope you all enjoy it.

Being that I’m currently in the dating scene, I thought it would be fun to take you on some of my journeys, as well as the journeys of others. This page will display dating stories, frequently asked dating questions, polls, dating rants, pictures and advice for men on what Ladies really want from them. Yes, that’s right! You may just find out how the “caramel filling gets into the caramilk chocolate bar” sort of speak…LOL! BUT.. you will have to keep logging on to find out. So if you’re currently in the dating world (like me), recently been rescued from the scene or are happily married with children – there will always be something in this section to make you go: “Hmmm..”

Now I have one more surprise left to tell you about, but I will keep that little secret to myself a little while longer. What I will say, is that there will be a special “Toronto Celebrity” who will be joining the LIFE AFX family in the near future with their very own page on my site. Trust me, you won’t wanna miss it!

So, needless to say I am extremely excited to see where this journey will take me and how it will unfold. For now, I’m enjoying the ride!

I truly hope you all enjoy the site. Please feel free to write me anytime at: gia@lifeafx.com

For artists interested in Promotions, Public Relations or collaborations please contact:  info@lifeafx.com

For individuals or organizations interested in hiring LIFE AFX for writing opportunities please contact:  info@lifeafx.com

Your emails are always welcome.



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