Monday, September 2, 2013


In light of my last few "Dating 101" articles, posted on my website, many of you wrote in asking:

"If a guy wanted to date me, what would he have to know?"

I think this list could easily be "forever growing".  I find that as you grow up, the things that you thought may have been important in the past can easily mean little or nothing today.

I used to think that I wanted someone who was exactly like me.  Someone who liked all the same things as I did - so we'd have much in common.  Truth be told, I don't really feel like that anymore.  If similarities are there, great.  Otherwise, I think it would be much more fun to find someone who is somewhat different than who I am.  Exploring their dreams and likes could be fun and who knows, I may find something else that I love too - and didn't know it!

I want to know that someone is looking out for me.  That they can be my strength. I'm used to being a man's "Florence Nightingale" Giving them purpose and all the answers to their lives, but no one's ever stopped to give back.  That's been something that has always made me sad.  I'd like to have a man who brings to my life without asking, for a change.  Sounds simple enough, right? 

I don't want to be with someone that I feel like I am constantly trying to fight for their attention.  But rather, I want someone who will know that I deserve the best man they can be for me, simply because I should be shown nothing less than everything.

I really want an old fashioned kind of love.  Meaning, something more than just jumping into bed whenever time and lustful thoughts permit.  I want a man who tries so hard to kiss my hand and hold it up to his heart.  Cherishing moments of just sitting across from one another and not being able to stop smiling at one another. 

Longing for the day to be looked at by a man like he just saw every purpose of his life, flash before his very eyes in mine.  Like everything just clicked and now makes sense.  As if every other moment had to end, so ours could begin.

I know.. I know... I dream to much!  But it's what I want, so who is anyone to say that it can't happen, huh?  After all, am I not the author of the book about my life?


  1. Gia.. truly do share your thoughts on love, as now I find myself questioning the very existence of love. I have shared love, thought it was my meant to be kind of love, now through tears, endless tears and heart break and ache, I so want to find that love. I wish for the love that does not leave but rather grows, the kind that makes you feel weak at the knees, yes I want that can't live without you kind of love, the can't stop thinking, missing you love. the love I found with a special man, yet circumstance took him and now here I'am longing to see, feel him again. I deserve that love, that sweep me off my feet love, yes I'am a hopeless romantic and believe in that happy ever after kind of love,I believe that there is purpose to love and that everyone has a love out there,after all in this book of torn between fantasy and fate, my fate is out there and one day he will look into my eyes and see his purpose, hold my hand and know his heart, kiss my lips and know his true love, take me in his arm hold me close to hear the sound of his heart beat and know he has finally come home..
    love come to those who believe...
    Pina Ferraro

  2. Dear Pina,

    Thank you for your words and thoughts on this last blog.

    Love is a very touchy subject these days for me. It’s never come easy, so this is how I know it’s never actually been “LOVE” that I’ve been in.

    It’s like that psalm/poem from the bible. It should never been negative or painful but rather, patient and beautiful. That’s what I believe. I hear those around me talk about how much work their relationships are and it makes me giggle. Of course they are! They wouldn’t be relationships if a little work wasn’t involved. But, that has nothing to do with love. LOVE is the easy part. It’s the rest that takes some more effort. But, if you have LOVE then you don’t mind putting in the work because it’s all relevant and worth it. Know what I mean? At least that’s what I think.

    Do not lose faith, Pina. Our love will come. Just have faith. To me, that’s the hardest part: Having faith.

    Be well!