Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The World's Cup

There are many sports both played and celebrated around the world, but nothing seems as momentous as: The World Cup.

The logistics of this particular tournament are simple. Once every four years, teams around the world (that have qualified to play) compete against one another for a month to try and reach the finals. The objective: To defeat all countries and become the "World Cup Champions" of that year and reign in that standing for the next four years.

It's a time when the entire world comes together in support of their country, and publicly takes pride in their origin. You may not even be a loyal follower of the game, but the adrenaline still gets you. Others must feel the same, as it has been noted as the "most widely viewed sporting event in the world". In the last World Cup Series of 2006, there was an estimated 715.1 million viewers who tuned in.

Soccer has always been my favourite sport. Some say it's because of my roots, that it's because it has been embedded within me because I'm Italian. Perhaps that is part of the appreciation for the game, but the love of it comes from much more.

Last Friday was the beginning of "The World Cup" for 2010. I was on my way to work, with my flag swaying proudly in the wind in the window of my car. When I saw this man walking toward the bus stop wearing a soccer jersey of "our team". We looked at each other for a brief moment, smiled and nodded at each other. As if to say: "YES, LET'S DO THIS" It made me feel good all over and set the momentum of my day. I thought to myself: "In a world filled with people you don't know, it takes the power of something as silly as a sport, to bring people together.

There is a certain vibe that this sport sets forth. A sense of loyalty, pride and intoxication for victory that you just simply cannot get enough of. With all my heart, I love everything it stands for.

Best of luck to all teams participating. Yet, a special "pat on the back" to my "Boys In Blue" Let's take it for another four years...shall we!!!!

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