Monday, August 16, 2010

Gambling With Moral

Last week our dearly beloved Government announced that they have authorized regulated online gambling to begin in 2012. Soon any one of us will be able to gamble until our hearts content - all in the privacy of our own home. On the surface, a splendid idea concocted by our Government officials, to do it's part in taking care of this country's growing deficit problems. Arguably, they are running out of options for new revenue sources so this seemed like the best cure for our current disease. Apparently the province forecasts that they can expect an additional $100 million a year in the first five years its online betting is up and running. Fantastic on a business level, yes, but we are merely selling our souls to the devil for the ol' mighty dollar yet again.

My thoughts are simple: I want to know why our Government has abandoned us morally? Why? Why are we, as citizens continuously paying for the sins of our Government on so many different levels? Not only has McGuinty's Government abandoned any moral purpose they have to us, but they have gambled away our souls solely for the pursuit of money.

It will help get us as a country on a financial level -great. Yet what about the other glorious things it brings with it? The debit it will cause household to household. The fire it will ignite in both new and current addicts. The disorientation and emotional isolation it will create in people young and old. How do those things better our society? Instead of a nation coming together we are one falling apart, bit by bit, each and every day. Gambling is such a corrosive addiction and it devastates lives daily. Why can the Government not see that? Why can they not look beyond the financial aspect of things and see that they are simply providing addicts with another tool to destroy their lives with?

Now I am well aware that as human beings we must take our destiny’s in our own hands and be responsible with all mechanisms in our daily lives, but we are all susceptible to addictions. There are many out there but society fails to acknowledge the fact that they truly play a significant role in setting them up for us. Yes, we currently have other forms of gambling out there now: Race tracks, casinos, sport prolines and lotteries; but statistics and research shows that online gambling addictions is 3 to 4 times higher than any other form of gambling. Let's face it, the flesh is weak my friends, so why tempt fate? Why are we allowing the carrot of destruction and addiction to be dangled in our faces by a Government who truly could care less about it's people? A Government who demands our votes, money and support with promises of democracy and a positive way of life. Yet, all we get in return is growing poverty and anti-socialism.

We hear more and more that we are a "lazy nation" The number of people living with things such as: obesity, behaviour issues, lack of social skills and inactivity are astounding. Our healthcare system is in dire need of things to change in these areas and yet here we are adding fuel to these fires with online gambling. The continuous tax dollars spent on "cries of help" messages by our Government in the local media to get active and to make sure our kids are active as well. Such hypocrisy I tell you! Now we have to sit back and allow this to happen.

It astounds me, truly. I mean what business do you know of that continuously promises certain goods and services delivered, receives money on a continual basis - only loose it all, every time. Then, makes you (the consumer) pay repeatedly for it's lack of financial "know-how"? It's ridiculous! The only "business" I know of that is allowed to operate this way is in fact "THE GOVERNMENT" Oh, and make no mistake about it folks, it is a business!!!!

I for one am sick of it... all of it!

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