Saturday, August 21, 2010


As the month of August soon comes to a close, I am automatically reminded that September is fast approaching.  What's more, the anniversary of 9/ 11 will be here once again.

The other day I stumbled across, what I believe was one of the best movies that I have seen in my lifetime.  One that I believe everyone should watch at some point in their lives.  In a manner of speaking it was truly: "Life Altering"

The movie had many different flavours to it, but all intertwining around the concept of racism. It was a tale depicting what 9/ 11 did, not only to the people of the United States of America, but to people on a general level.  The twist was that it allowed you to see the other side of the spectrum.  What the Muslim people went through all over the world because of this butchery on American soil.

The sad part about the entire thing was how real it was.  This was no fictional story, no made up tale for the public's amusement or entertainment.  It was "real life".  What we go through each day.  It truly made me feel such sadness from deep within.  After viewing it I was utterly disgusted with the human race (on a general level).  Mainly because of how much racism is still very much a part of our everyday life.

It boggles my mind how incredibly close minded we, as human beings are.  How we are so quick to judge, ridicule and persecute an entire culture of people for actions that a small few felt in their belief was right at a given moment.  Do we, as people, not take anything away from our history?  Have we not learned how asinine it is to pass judgement on others because of: race, colour, belief, sex and creed?  I suppose in my mind I truly believed we were better than this kind of thought process.  That we were smarter than that.  More loving than that.  Kinder, richer than that way of living.  My mistake. My sad, sad mistake.

I for one say loud and proud that I love all people and things equally, because it's God's will. I have always believed in sharing this planet with everyone - no matter how difficult it can get at times.  I am truly thankful and blessed for my heart, my way of free thinking and my spirit.  For it is how my Allah created me and how I wish to return to him someday.  Free of hate, free of judgement and full of love.

After all, if he does not judge, how dare I judge?  If he shows forgiveness, mercy and love for all-how dare I not?

Watch it in your lifetime.  I truly believe it will move you beyond words:
MY NAME IS KHAN :  Starring:  Shahrukh Khan and Kajol


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