Monday, October 18, 2010


It fascinates me how much I love all those around me. 
Each individual uniquely different from the next person in my life.
Every one of them intricately playing a part in creating the person I am.
Every little part of who they are come together to make me whole.
They teach me how to love, how to experience joy, how to be happy and to always have courage for a tomorrow.

It frightens me at times, how much I love them.  For I don't always wish to feel so much for any of them.
Not because I don't want to, but because I loose a part of myself when they are not around.
How would I ever be able to be myself without them, is something I wonder every day.

The greatest fear of all is that in the end I will be alone. That they will take their leave from me, never to return.  Inevitably this will come to pass-naturally.  For nothing of this earth is to remain forever. 
Yet I do whatever I must to keep this from happening.

They possess an energy that I need in my daily life.  Without them I would surely die.
I love who I am because of them.  They make my reflection meaningful and give my life true purpose.
How would I ever know how to life without their daily presence in my life-I will never know.
I suppose that is something I never wish to know.

This, is the only selfish part of me. 


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