Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Road Taken

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who write to me each day. Your words of encouragement and compliments upon my writing are well received and I am truly humbled by this entire experience. I am so grateful to have this kind of podium.  Reaching/touching others with my words is the most important thing I have to do in this life.  I realize that now.  For at the end of this life, people will always forget what you've done for them.  They will always forget what you've given them- but they will always remember how you made them feel.

I do apologize to you all for not keeping up with my writing posts as of late. My life has taken quite a spin in the past several weeks and I have not given my writing, or this page, the attention it truly deserves.

It is funny how crazy life can be sometimes.  One minute you are stumbling along, trying to make something of yourself and then BOOM!  Everything falls into place.  Then somewhere along the way, you loose it all again and have to start anew. 

I've realized that life is truly all about new beginnings and ends.  Every moment has it's own purpose under heaven and there really is a time and place for everything.  What goes up certainly must come down again, but what we fail to see is that it will find its way back up once more.  However, the sheer beauty of this process, that I have come to enjoy, is the journey along the way.  Yes, I've had my high moments within this life, but I have also had very low dark ones as well.  Yet, my favourite moments by far are now the "in-between" stages of the highs and lows.  A wise man once told me that in life you have mountains and low roads but nothing, nothing is more beautiful than the valleys.  I cannot tell you how true this is.

For the first time in my life I believe that I am all over the map in my journey.  I've never really experienced this kind of thing before.  One day I'm in the mountains, enjoying all the ripe fruit of my labour, and then in a day or two I'm back down to the low roads.  Then with a mere exhale, I find myself in another valley, walking along and taking time to smell the roses.  It's a little unsettling but I'm enjoying the ride and trying to learn as much as I can from the experience.

As of late, I have been embarking on many different travels:  I've just recently began writing a book.  Something I truly hope all of you will enjoy someday.  I've also begun a new adventure in my present work place-which also stems from writing. I have been journeying through the road to health and physical wellness, which proves to be one of the most challenging trips I have ever taken.  As well as, figuring out my personal life and where it's leading me.  Although, there are many different dynamics happening all at once, I am truly enjoying every minute of it.  Yes, there are days that I feel incredibly overwhelmed and wish to just move to the other side of the world and calm my mind, but then there are moments where I catch myself smiling at the marvel of it all. 

Dare I say it?  For the first time in my life I am actually proud of myself.  Proud of all that I have gone through and survived, only to get to this stage and frame of mind.  I am truly blessed and grateful for all that has happened in my life up to this point.  All the good, all the bad and yes, all the in-between.  My Mom will always say to me (with such as sad look upon her face) that she is so sorry that my life has been so hard.  That no matter what road I take it always seems to be a long one; full of trials.  I will admit that I too, have often wondered why it seems to take me forever to get to the other side of the rainbow. Yet, I'm learning that more often than not, the road not taken is the greatest road of all. I choose to believe that someone/something divinely infinite wants me to be truly enriched with all the beauty of this world. For you see, one cannot truly know happiness until they've experienced great sadness.  You will never know great pleasures until you've known incredible pain.  I've tried to explain it to her many times, as I hate to see her heart ache for me.  I truly hope that someday she will know that I am truly OK with the paths my destiny feels that I must journey through.  I will always go though things, I will always be sad and happy -sometimes all in the same day.  Nevertheless, I will always be thankful, humble and grateful to God for the opportunities I have each day to walk this earth.

If any of you learn a single thing from my life and the words I choose to express it with, be it this:  No matter how many mountains you climb, or how many low roads you must travel - always remember to live in every moment that you're alive.  That is my personal quote to all of you!

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  1. "It is a great art to have an abundance of knowledge and experience - to know the richness of life, the beauty of existence, the struggles, the miseries, the laughter, the tears - and yet keep your mind very simple; and you can have a simple mind only when you know how to love." Always stay positive bebe.. It'll help take you through so many journeys life has to offer. ♥·٠•●♥