Sunday, September 11, 2011


On this day 10 years ago, the world experienced the very worst of human behaviour.  May God and man forgive this action someday soon.  For if we don't our world and lives will never be free.

This is in dedication to all the souls lost.   However, not only for those who died, but also for the individuals who lived and die a little each day because of this day and all it represented.

This morning I woke up without remembrance.

Without knowledge or attention of the day
Not until 8:43a.m. when time approached the hour
When nine years ago today that first plane hit the Tower.

I sit in silence all-alone.
It calles to me like a heart remembering home.
It was that day.
The day of sorrow.
The day of loss, when so many lives had no tomorrow.

I felt so sick for a little while.
Of why I could so easily forget such horror
Especially of a day where so many people had lost their smiles.

I sit here thinking of all souls lost
Perished beneath the ash
And all their loved ones left in wonder
Of all this day had cost

Will they ever forget dear Lord?
As I had for just one moment today
Will there pain and anguish ever subside
Their hurtful memories led astray

I hope and pray so much for this to be
Not that they forget the memories
But all it was that they had to see

Surround them Lord with all your grace
And help their hearts heal
From the terror of that day
When all their hopes for loved ones gone
Their future plans erased

Grant them wisdom and open minds
To see another side to what this day did bring
The love, peace and togetherness
The unity of brotherhood of all those who came to help
Regardless of the color of their skin

Help them to understand and see
That our freedom is a gift
A rich one grown through liberty

That in times like these
No matter how grim our worlds may seem
Help us Lord to always remember
That "even from nightmare
Can be born a dream"

NF AR911 { Never Forget....Always Remember 911}

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