Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who Were We?

I had the strangest dream last night.  Only, it wasn't the first time.  When I woke up, I knew that it was a dream that I had had many times before.  Every intricate detail, the same. 

The setting was old England.  1700 or 1800 to be exact, and I completely dressed as a Lady of upper society, with petticoats in toe.  I cannot tell you just how many dreams I have had in this same fashion.  For the longest time I truly believed that it was pieces of a past life re-surfacing.  Old memories coming back to light.  Do I believe in past lives?  Absolutely!  The details of these dreams are too real for them to simply be fluffed off as "just a dream"

In these dreams I am known as "Isabelle"  The strange thing about that is when I was young, I had a friend named Isabelle.  Whenever her name was called allowed in school or on the playground, I would either turn around or answer like it was second nature to me to do so.  Friends and teachers always looked at me strangely because of it.  So naturally, I would always make excuses for it.  However, I'm more than positive they were never believed.  It happened way too often for the explanations to ever hold water.

So, there is a great possibility that I was in fact, Lady Isabelle, from England, in a past life.  In fact I bet the bank on it.  A bold and crazy statement, I know.  Yet, it's just too real to deny.

I love old books, films and art of that era.  My most treasured book collection is my Shakespearean one.  I have been told by countless editors that my style of writing reads "Shakespearean like"  Not to say that this alone allows me to come to that assumption.  Of course not.  There are other things.  Strange things.  Odd things.

Do any of you believe in past lives?  Have any of you ever had the same kind of dream, possibly from a different time?

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