Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alessia Deana Morisani

I heard somewhere once, that when you die there is a little pond one must walk through, before you enter heaven.  It's a ritual every human being must go through in order to transcend from human form back to angelic presence.  That the pond washes away all sins and bad experiences you had on earth, and only leaves the good.  And all that you remember is love. 

If this is true (which I believe it is) then on October 9, 2011, was the day that Alessia Morisani became an Angel.  However, to all of us, she already had her wings long before she ever left.


I bet that you never anticipated that at the age of 18 your name would be in lights.  That all those who knew you would be carrying a picture of you with them (in some form or fashion) for the rest of their days.  And that all those who didn't know you, wished they had.  Nevertheless, your spirit has joined these two groups of people and merged them into one.  So now, because you lived, we all knew you (in the very most intimate of details), we all loved you and we are all empty because you're gone.

Today, I pay tribute to you. 

I have contemplated how I would do this for the past two months, since you left.  Would it be a sad goodbye, filled with tearful/painful memories that all your loved ones knew; or a factual one going over the horrible details of how you were taken from our lives?  I decided against both. So I celebrated your life today instead.

It's hard at times to take events like this and try and find the meaning behind it all.  I've had to learn to accept that in life, at times, there aren't any "real reasons" why.  Sometimes, things "just happen"  However, yours was not one of those times.  Although I am heartbroken and devastated to not have you here, it took you leaving to change my own life in a million ways.  Funny isn't it?  That it always takes someones life to end to teach those who remain how to actually live. 

You've made me stop to "smell the roses" everyday.  I know there is nothing more important than to find time to "enjoy my life" and all those who celebrates me, on a daily basis.  That each moment we laugh, smile and share with one another are the only ones that should be repeated continuously.  That negative times should never take precedence over positive ones.  That each day I am given is a gift, not a right, and that I should be sure to use my time here wisely.  That at any moment our light can be blown out, as quickly as the flame on a candle.  I now never leave a conversation or a situation without the words: "I love you" because we never really know if we will be a part of it ever again, until we are. 

There was a moment the other night (and many others in between the time you left till now) when a flash of your beautiful face came to my mind and a tickle from you ran down my arms, that made me sad that I am living and you were not.  But I know now that those visits were just your way of being happy that the lessons you left us with have been learned. 

I want you to know that although time will pass and I may not think about you every moment, of every day, that it does not mean you are forgotten.  Rather, it means that you have given me strength to be happy and live in your smile.  You are never far from any of our hearts, thoughts and dreams!

R.I.P. Baby Girl..mad love...always..Gia

This is for you!!!

"Thinking about today.. already feeling utterly sick to my stomach!!! Alessia's funeral. Today, she is laid to rest and forever in the light and grace of God. May his angels sing softly..beautifully while they guide you home, sweet one. May all those you've left behind, who love you, also find some peace today!!! Keep them safe, until they see you again. I look forward to sharing/meeting you some day too! R.I.P. Aless... God Speed... *tears* Gia

" Oh my baby girl what on earth am i going to do without you? I got to be alone with you for a few minutes and I asked you that question probably a hundred times and I'm sure you'll give me an answer soon. We talked last week about not ever wanting anyone to come visit us when they pass away but you my angel can come visit me whenever you want and i'll be waiting. David gave me you pandora bracelet ...and my heart broke. I'm so honored that he gave it to me because I know how much you love it. I tried to stay strong for you last night but it was hard. There were so many people there for you last night and there are going to be even more tonight. I love you so much and I'll see you again today ♥ Love your big sissy" -----Kayla Alessia Postiglione Morisani

"Heey girllly, i was just watching mtv and the music video for your song came on :)
we really did 'find love in a hopeless place'...never thought id get through this aless, but now when i think of you i can smile and have you as a memory instead of being sad, because i was lucky enough to be as close as we were with eachother ALL throughout highschool...we never ever once had a problem with eachother and always knew how to make eachother laugh♥
Me and stephy are gonna make cupcakes soon really really cuteee ones cause i know how much you loveee da sweeeets hehe love you so so muchh! xooxo ♥" -----Azzurra Dilorenzo

" Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same that it ever was. There is absolute unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you. For an interval.
Somewhere. Very near. Just around the corner" ----Marissa Fanone

"Hey baby girl,

I wake up every morning to a memory of you, or always feeling to give you a phone call since it was my every day routine. Even though everyday we never did anything and always be bums driving around, dressing in track pants and trying to find something to do ... i miss every second of it. Every morning ill continue having those memories as those will be a part of me forever now. Keep smiling and help me get better and out of this body cast i'm stuck in as soon as possible baby girl..Your on my mind forever!
love you to pieces and miss you like crazy ♥" ---- Steph Power

"So many of us gathered today and with God and each other we prayed together for your precious young soul Alessia... taken far too soon from all who loved you and had the pleasure to know and share moments and memories... A kiss to you sweet child as I know you are blowing kisses of Angel dust from the sky upon us ♥♥♥" ---Suzie Ursomarzo Arkarakas

" R.I.P, may God be with you and your family, you will be greatly missed by all your family and friends" --- Angie Lato-Bernardi

"What a good picture of us baby girl.  You look amazing, Wow! I'm so happy we took this picture. Best Friends Forever!!! xoxoxoxo"  ---Sara Fonz

"Alessia my angel, you are beautiful inside and out and. As painful and hard as this has been, it was wonderful to see the impact that you have had on the people in your life, as short as it was. Know that you were surrounded by love from all. The two hardest goodbye's I have ever had to say were both to you and so today, I simply say goodnight, sleep tight until we meet again. I will love and miss you with each passing day. ♥" --- Eugene Ristuccia & Rose Postiglione

" Alessia, i wasn't as close with you as i wish i was, but you're personality has brought everyone together in your memory. It kills me almost every day knowing that you came to visit me on my 19th birthday.. after almost 20 minutes of convincing, you finally came in and joined the rest of us. I truly regret not having the chance to spend more time with you, but i know that we'll have that opportunity one day. May you rest in peace, watch over us. My deepest condolences to Kayla and the rest of the Morisani family." ----Daniel Spinello

" My beautiful angel,
I saw your face today for the last time untill we meet again. I will love you with all my heart for all eternity. I keep asking myself why you. There are so many who deserve death but you were not one of them. I'll always miss you, One day we'll see eachother again. I'll always cary the regret with me of not seeing you that last time. Know that I love you more than words can say. from your big brother Stefan ♥-----Stefano Hosko

" rest in peace alessia ♥ you will be missed very much by your family and your millions of friends! i will miss your jokes and your up beat personality. everytime i saw you, you were smiling and that isnt a joke, you literally always smiled. you were a great person and will be missed sooo much. i think that people need to realize when someone is gone you need to appreciate those around you to get through the tragedy. its unfortunate that life has to work that way but everything happens for a reason. One Love Alessia! Love you ♥ R.I.P." Alfio Foti

" Alessia, i know over the past few years me and you sort of dirfted and we weren't as close as we once were, but that does not mean i will not cherrish all the good times, laughs, and inside jokes we did have♥ you were a person that was able to bright up any room with your outgoing personality and your smile. You will be missed by all of us, but you will never be forgotten and will be remembered for the rest of our lives. Rest Peace Alessia♥ we miss you!" ---Matthew Giambattista

" Remember the day before I got my wisdom teeth pulled, you and I rode our bikes to the nail salon and got our nails done yet .... we had no money! Were fools, how did we go and not be able to pay.. We sat there freaking out about what to do. Thankgoodness my dad came to the rescue! I'll always have these silly memories of you and I will never forget them or the way you could make me or anyone laugh/smile. You were taken way too soon, but you are definitely in a better place and your safe in God's hands. Rest in peace alessia, your our angel now ♥" ----Bianca Cavaliere

‎"5 weeeeks in italy, and the very last night i got to spend it with you.. ran around rome searching for eachother with no communication.. of course our meeting spot was mcdonalds hahaha, after about an hour of running in circles i almost ran outta ideas of where to find you, then i heard teeeeeejay, and there you were with the biggest and best smile :) right away we found the best bar and you made... it the best night of my whole trippp, you knew that though. we talked about the millions of things we haddd to do, all night caught up on everything that summer, and you said a million times anyone ever hurts my TJ and i'll hurt them well now i know you're still up there watching over me my angel ♥ ♥ enjoy the party up there baby i love you forever." Joanne Taylor

"Life shouldnt be taken for granted, too many people these days take every minute of life for granted. You have to understand that life is very precious and a gift from God. We shouldn't waste a second of it. Even i waste a lot of time and take life for granted . We all have to learn from our mistakes. Death brings us together but actions we do make who we are. We all miss you Alessia and hope the best for your family. R.I.P. :( ♥" ----Nima Niknejad

" alessia ur an awsome person. i remember wen u and kristina would come to me and alyssa's place and as soon as u walked in the door u would look at my mom and say to my mom that she was ur mom away from home. u two were very close and treated each other like family. i still can't belive this happened i wish it were a dream and everything would be normal. now u and my mom are both in a good place.

R.I.P. mom, nonno take good care of alessia" --- Anthony Rulli

"I never knew Alessia, but I drive by the vigil every day and I can’t imagine how difficult this is for all her family and friends. I can see that Alessia was an amazing girl who touched the lives of many people. Sometimes friends hold you up, sometimes they lean on you, and sometimes it’s just enough to know that they are standing by. And I know that Alessia is standing by and is looking over each... of you; even after nights of rainfall, and strong winds, the large bouquet of white roses at the vigil look untouched, just as beautiful as Alessia. Although death leaves a heartache no one can heal, hold on to your memories and take comfort in knowing that Alessia lives within each of you. Rest in Peace Alessia Morisani, you are a beautiful angel." ----Melissa Castronovo

 "Tonight i drove by where the crash happened and its so beautiful so see all those flowers and teddy bears and just to see how many people you've touched alessia. There will be alot of people missing you like crazy but Alessia is closer to you all more now then she ever was. Rest in peace girll♥" ---Cassandra Coscarelli

" Hey sweetness guess what, I did my first walk today since all the yukkiness last week, i always say " you can always leave your garbage behind on a walk" goal was 5km and i did 10km first time ever ;)...and with my very first step to my last it was for you... thank you for joining me the last bit .. i was late for a call with my boss (performance review) hahaha, but ho-well, who cares right?... anyway, how much do you love bruno mars now? played it alot.. you sickof it?... "When i see your face, there's not a thing that i would change cuz you're amazing just the way you are" ;)that song is for you ....just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for walking with me , that was the emotional cleanse required, moving forward with every little step. love ya! Mimi (wannabe ur fave cuz) xoxox "----Mimi Malfara Mailman
"I never knew Alessia but when I heard about what had happened, I couldn't stop thinking about her family and friends who are suffering the loss of this beautiful young girl. You not only touched and impacted the lives of those who knew you, but also those who have never met you or got a chance to. My heart truly aches for you, your family, and friends. It really brought tears to my eyes reading ev...erything people have wrote about you. I hope that you give your family, especially your parents and sister, the strength to go on and continue with their lives and always let them know you are there. You are at the same cemetary as my cousin so I will always stop by and say a prayer for you. Remember, it's never goodbye, it's only see you later. May you rest in peace, Alessia. You truly are a beautiful Angel. God bless, xo "You don't get over it, you just get through it. You don't get by it, because you can't get around it. It doesn't "get better," it just gets different. Everyday, grief puts on a new face." ---Caterina Ursino

"I was driving by myself, I had to turn my music off because my thoughts were so much noisier than the radio. I talked loud so you could hear me up there and although what we talked about was for you and me, I want this group to know something that your tragedy unfortunately made me realize: life is luck. It comes and goes so easily- I'm trying to keep this as unconventional as I can- if the stupid, pointless, bullshit you re wrapped up in right now is stopping you from smiling, let it go. Don't waste your time being an ugly angry shade of red because your friend said something they won't remember in the morning. It's all pointless. Aless you told me "don't give a shit what people say". I don't, i am who i am and the ones who care about me will accept that. But You taught me more than that- your unfairly shortened life taught me start appreciating my own. Fuck, this is so hard I can barely type right now I miss you... Thank-you for everything" ---Paige Addesi

" hi pretty girl, just thinking of you as always. I'm really missing you, i wish i could have one more conversation with you and share everything that's on my mind. But unfortunately i have to just tell you through prayers and thoughts, although i know you're listening. i know God has a bigger plan for you than we all thought and that's why you were taken from us at such a young age. He's so lucky to have you aless because i know that no one made people laugh as hard as you did. i had a shitty day today and i know that if we would've talked, you would've said one of your really cool voices and made me laugh until my day didn't seem as bad. i can still hear all your crazy voices in my head and they still make me smile. only you would put a smile on someones face just through good memories even though we're worlds away. anyways cutie, I'm going to try to get some sleep, I'm still waiting for you to come see me! love you so much♥" --- Melisa Carrillo

" God looked around his garden and found an empty place. He than looked down upon his earth and saw your loving face. He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. His garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best. You left us precious memories, your love with be our guide, you live on through your family, you're always be by our side. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone. For part of us went with you on the day God called you home." ---- Rebecca Vasilovsky

" Alessia morisani is more then just a name. its a part of everyones life. you have touched so many people in so many ways, and knew how to live life to the fullest. gone way to soon.. i still feel this this is all a dream and I'm waiting for someone to wake me up from this nightmare. its so surreal to me and it is just way to hard to believe. words cant describe what you mean to mean to me . this has made such an impact on our lives and has been a huge eye opener. I wish nothing but the best for you, and your family. we'll be missing you. we love you so much aless! RIP, Alessia morisani <3" --- Alyssa Rulli

"hey aless♥
i know your doing well and i know that your there with me everyday.
i was walking down the west wing and past our old fitness change room and just felt like i hit a ton of bricks this is still hard, to surreal sometimes I'm half expecting you to be at the next party i go to
love you baby girl
keep smiling on us okay, cause sometimes we forget to smile and who better to remind us then you xoxo" ----Rosa Campagna

" I had a dream about u lastprobably because i was looking at pictures of you and reading all the comments before bed like i usually do.....i got to hug u in my dream alessia i saw you like i usually would at random places king football games french class in the hallways my backyard or with steph and you just gave me the biggest hug and it felt amazing i wish i could see u again and get hug your soo deeply missed i still cant believe your not here just waiting until i seee you or here that laugh of yours at a jam or around me i misss u girl heaven needed you that night and we all still don't know why is had to be this early but u were just that in peace beautiful ill see u someday on the other side ♥" ---Amanda Zappia

~ The Bond That Can NEVER Be Broken...Between Sisters ~ *Kayla & Alessia*

" You taught the world to go hard every day, because tomorrow might be your last. you've touched people who never knew you, or never got the chance t know you. not to mention the people who were close to you, or got the blessing of a life time to meet you at least once. it was really hard at first, but now its nice to live with a new perspective about life, live it with those you love and make an everlasting impression on them, so that once we're gone too, we leave behind many memories like you've left us. you're inspiring alessia, a gorgeous angel who I'm happy to have watching over all of us:) miss you. rip" ---- Amanda Young

"I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. My sister was the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life. Her smile could light up a room and her heart was big enough for all of us to be part of. I want everyone to promise me they will keep strong and I am praying for all of you ♥ Sisters forever baby just like I always told you. I'll see you again soon, I promise you that ♥"  ------Kayla Alessia Postiglione Morisani


~ Always remembered and Never forgotten ~


  1. A Beautiful Celebration Of An Angel As You Alessia Are Loved and Very Much Here Today with All Your Friends and Family.

    Rest In Peace.......

    Thank You Gia

  2. ay baby, i'm always missing you.
    i think about you everyday and i can honestly say you have made me such a stronger person, and helped me realize that life is a precious thing, something i never really paid attention to before. i want you to know i really really miss you, and my heart still hurts every time i think of you but i know we'll be together again soon. i'm so grateful i got to be a part of your life. you were really a special girl, on to amazing things in life. you had this thing about you that everyone loved :) no one will ever forget that amazing smile of yours. i love you so so much, i think of you always. rip my baby girl. xo -Olivia Ciarallo

  3. this is such a beautiful page, rip aless

  4. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl who is sadly missed. She lives on through all of your memories.
    Well done.