Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Words Can Say

Every now and again you hear words that ignite and captivate your very soul.  Words that can never be forgotten or erased from your memory, once they have been said aloud.  It changes the very essence of the person you are, simply because they resonate deep within the very core of your being. 

This is why I love words so much.  For what else could possibly stir up a million emotions...all at once?  What else could compliment a melody or rhythm of music so exquisitely?  Nothing else could make you see reason in a world of things that just simply don't make sense.  It is why I became a writer.  Someday, I hope to pull this kind of passion through words that I speak...that I write for all of you.

Being that it's so very close to Christmas I felt compelled to share something empowering with all of you.  Something that could change or alter something within you today.  Something you can share with others.  Yes, they are words.  Yet, ones strung along together so intricately that they will make you come alive simply because you hear them all the time and still may not have rung true...until today.

Listen to the words spoken:  Understand them:  Believe them:  Make them a part of you:  Let them free you!


  1. Words are powerful words are strength.... words is what makes us...its how we receive those words and who delivers them of how we interpret them, if they have any meaning whatsoever or if they have any justice in our life.
    Do we filter how we use our words of expression and do we have the strenghth to filter how we receive them.....
    Yes I agree. words create us and make us who we are.

    Another Great Message and Inspiration by you Gia

    Thank You

  2. I am so honored to be allowed to share space and time with you, dearest Gia. Each day you amaze me more and more. Just when I think that I have heard THE MOST profound thing from you, I stand corrected because you prove me wrong yet again. This blog proves that. Only one of pure spirit and heart could ever come across these words that you have shared with us. Not only did you share them but somehow..you brought them to life for so many of us. Thank God for you Miss Gia. Thank God!