Sunday, January 25, 2015


I’ve heard many people say that they’re waiting for “the right moment” to do something.  Feel something.  Share something.  Be something to someone.  Be something for themselves.  Become a somebody in this world.  To ask them to marry you.  To have a baby.  To buy a home.  To take a risk. 
But, is there ever really a perfect time to do, say or be anything?!  

I was one of those people.  God!  How much time I’ve wasted waiting on the world to accept me. Embrace me.  Love me..just as me.   What a damn fool I was (and sometimes sadly still am).  
Believe me, this kind of  “Mind-Fuck”  way of thinking takes practice to let go of, but I’m learning, day by day.  Nowadays, if the moment entices me, I just go for it!  I'm taking risks.  If things work out the way I'd hoped, awesome.  If they don't well, that's ok too.  There is something to be learned in every fortunate and unfortunate circumstance.  As if there is anyone out there that could EVER be a better me.. 

So, take it from someone who’s spent their entire life…waiting… for the perfect moment.  STOP WAITING!

"Live your life.  Take chances.  Be crazy.  Don’t wait.  Because right now is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again".  I read that somewhere once.  I didn't make sense then, but it sure as hell does now.   I don't want to be the person who wakes up 20 years from now not being able to remember her life, because she didn't do things.  I want to be the girl who can't forget her life - because it was so great! So, I'm trying to write an entirely different ending to my story.   

* Peace, Love… And All That Jazz To You All!! Thanks for reading!*

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  1. Thank God you're back and writing again. Your fans have missed you so much. We need you and love reading your stuff. Never stop writing. Your life and struggles help us all in different ways. Trust me on this. I see all the incredible comments that your readers have and share with you on social media and it's amazing what you're not only doing for yourself, but what you're doing for all of us in turn by writing about your struggles. I wish there were more people out there like you Gia. So many fake day to day phonies out there. You're about as real as they come. I know you are going to be a huge success someday. Well you already are in my books.
    Go and live your life sweetheart. No one i know deserves it more than you.

    A humble and loyal fan