Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I had a REALLY shitty thing happen to me a few days ago.  It made me sad initially, thinking about what little regard (if any) people have for one another. The lack of respect and sheer human decency astounds me.

Then, once the sadness dissipated I felt incredible anger. A kind of "How dare you?!?!" attitude toward the whole thing.

But today, I woke up feeling ashamed. Ashamed at myself for allowing my heart to be filled with all these negative feelings toward an individual and circumstance that really isn't worth my time, energy or emotion. The Devil sucked me into this black hole of furry and I've been stuck there for days. Well, no more.

So instead today I'm choosing to forgive, let it all go and set it free. My heart doesn't need to be tied down with negativity. I'm done with it!

To this person I wish a lifetime of happiness. I'm not going to sacrifice/jeopardize my Karma or God's love for me to wish evil on someone else.

I'm keeping my circle clean...

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