Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reflecting On My Life

I finally realized what life is all about. It took me 33 years, but I think I get it now. I used to think that what mattered most was the material worth you could say you attained toward the end of your journey here. Those who had more could truly say they accomplished more and lived a greater life than those who didn't have much at all. But who is to measure what accomplishments are truly worth more over others? Certainly not I.

I used to think that if I had a few University degrees under my belt, if I made a great salary, had a great big house to live in, drove an amazing car and had $100,000.00 dollars in the bank at all times that would make me a richer person all around. Surely no one could ever say different. They would say: (as I used to) "Now there is one happy, accomplished person who's got it right" I realized that in the end, when your time here is over, you won't be remembered for all the money you had - unless you used it to help those in need. You won't be remembered for being famous - unless your God given talents made you a humanitarian believing in people and great causes. People will not remember whether or not you owned a gigantic house with all the trimmings or whether you rented a tiny apartment. You won't be remembered for how you looked in high school or came to look as you grew older. Nor will they care if you were a millionaire or homeless. They won't even remember if you drove a Mercedes or a Pinto.

What they will remember is how you made them feel everyday of their lives, each time you saw or spent time with them. The way you made them laugh, the way you and only you could make them feel so special and so proud to be alive. The way you did things for them just because who they were made your spirit glow. That you used your time here to love, to share and to bring awareness to the fact that life is a gift and one we may not have a long time to experience . That because of the lack of time you used all you had to make a real difference within our world.

Silly thing to FINALLY "get" or realize after all this time huh? Its funny how sometimes, you spend so much energy trying to live up to another's standards or expectation of who you should be that you forget who God created you to be. You forget that who you are or what little you may have will always be enough. For whom do you really have to be to help someone? How much do you really need in order to love someone or touch their lives?

I realized that when I'm gone I want everyone who ever knew me to smile at the memory of me, because it brings them joy to have known the person I was. Because I cared enough to spend all my time.... whatever money I had and whatever gifts God gave me to love them, care for them and make a difference in this life. To live in each moment with gratitude and fulfillment that who I have become is perfect and just enough to live an extraordinary life. To always make those around me understand that I WAS the one who was privileged to have ever encountered them along my journey –not them for knowing me.

I may never be rich...but I know now that I will truly never be poor. I may never own a big house....but I know that I will never be alone within the walls of any home. I know that I am divinely perfect......and I have only my imperfections, my mistakes and God's love to thank for that. Because of all of you I am the richest person in the world and because of me, I know that this world will never ever be the same.

How much time do we have? Not a lot.... Not a lot.....


  1. Gia,you share my thoughts I too was the one who thought that money makes you perfect. After We lost everything we owned, I realized after a while we still had each other and what else do I really need. One Sunday we were at my sisters house all the family was there we had dinner drinks and so on I was playing with my nieces and my three girls on the floor in the kitchen.... while all the other adults were engaged in serious conversation , economy, gas prices,taxes I, was laughing, giggling with the kids when my older sister came in and noticed us....she watched us for a bit and knelt down to my kids and said, you girls are the luckiest girls in the world,'' why'' they asked because your dad is in here with you playing and spending time with you not letting the moment pass him by. Your uncle never did that with his kids. Right at that moment I GOT IT, THIS IS WHAT MY LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. My sister has the ginormous house tons and tons of money real expensive cars and yet I was the happy one I was the one who was content I was perfect, I got it and never looked back.

  2. WOW, that was really nicely written Valentino,