Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Lately, I have been having the most incredible dreams. Only my dreams haven't been filled with joy and splendor, but rather embedded with sadness and despair. It has become so bad that I can barely bring myself to fall asleep anymore. This is true even of this very evening. I sit here writing this piece at 2 am, after yet another horrible nightmare.

The entire situation has become so overwhelming that I have begun studying my dreams more and more. Although, I haven't found any real comfort or seen a light at the end of my "nightmare tunnel" I know that the answers lay out there somewhere. What I have found out is that the dreams we have are feelings, situations, fears or obsessions that our subconscious mind has picked up from our everyday thoughts. The emotions our bodies and mind feel on a daily basis will eventually manifest itself into a dream sooner or later. I can fully appreciate this fact but how does one have complete control on any given day of what thoughts or obsessions their mind will decide to focus on? Yes, I do believe that we are incredible masters of our own emotions, but really how many negative thoughts can we "shoo away" each day? It's become so ridiculous that I am now "obsessing" over the ratio of "good to bad thoughts" that I am having everyday. I do realize that I am only making matters worse for myself, but I cannot seem to help myself.

The overwhelming thing for me is trying to understand what meaning lies within each dream. I begin to analyze every aspect of it. There are times that ironically enough I feel as though they (the dreams) are trying to tell me something. A piece of my "future puzzle" as it were. Yet, how accurate can the messages possibly be? Especially when there are so many different interpretations to dreams out there? I've also found that there are many "wives tales" to dreams in a general sense. For example: The religious extremist believe that if one awakes in utter terror of a dream, all you have to do is say a prayer and all the bad thoughts will wash away and allow you to fall back asleep peacefully. I myself have tried this and I must say, it has worked every time. Others say that you should never go to sleep on a full stomach, as this will absolutely lead you to nightmares. There are so many others but those are the two most popular ones that I have found. There are many theories that say bad dreams are interpreted incorrectly. That not ALL bad dreams are negative and in fact can have very positive meanings behind it? Even Sigmund Freud believed that dreams came in disguise of our own wishes. That dreams use displacement, condensation and symbolism to help filter the thoughts of the conscious mind.

Then there are theories based on the "Laws of Attraction". Emotions play the key element here. Like attracts like, therefore if we replace negative energy with positive emotion we can offset the "upsetting lost efforts" with "new visible opportunity" which perhaps was not plain to see to the naked eye of the soul before. That emotions are the one true driving force to every thought that occurs in our mind and although we cannot always have control over the situation, we can surely have control over what it means for us. So I suppose that if we truly are the "masters of our own emotions" then we truly have the power to believe and perceive anything we wish. Which now raises another question: Are our emotions the driving force to all things or is it truly just a matter of circumstance?

Whatever the reason for my nightmares, I just wish they would end. Yet, I am coming to understand that in order for that to happen I must first take a good look at what is going on in my life respectively. I admit that I do feel awfully stressed lately. I experience a great deal of anxiety in my everyday life, so naturally that angst could very well be spilling over into my unconscious levels. I think I truly need to focus on the fact that life is never easy, no matter what road one takes and therefore hard to see the balance in all things - or at least when we expect to see it.

Hopefully someday soon the good dreams will return once more.


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  2. Wow Lu... I dream so much too and they are so real. I remember my dreams and analyze them all the time. A long time ago, someone gave me a book that I keep by my bed all the time. This person was amazed at how I had such crazy dreams and remembered them and told them like stories. I read this book more than any other book I've owned. Its called Mary Summer Rain's Guide to Dream Symbols. I love it and I love dreaming... The worst though, is when you wake up from a scarey dream and realize it was only a dream, then, fall back to sleep and continue the same crap!! Then, when you are having a beautiful dream and wake up, and want to fall back to sleep to continue that dream, and you can't!! Then reality sets in. Baaa.
    Someone told me if you touch your head when you wake up, you can't remember your dreams. Well, maybe if I punched myself in the head that might work for me, but I remember most of my dreams... and for days too.
    Here's a little secret... If you want to dream about something or someone bad enough, you just have to think very hard about it before you fall asleep, and then let your mind take over. And its always good to say a little prayer before you get some shut eye to have those sweet dreams ^o^
    Funny how one of my favorite movies is "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams. Its so beautiful, inspiring and colorful.
    PS Life AFX is fantastic... I'll follow you, and in my dreams... I'll see you there. Gnite