Monday, November 22, 2010

Broken Love

No matter how hard I try
I cannot seem to fix what's broken
With pain and heartache all around me
Will I ever forget the words left spoken

After all that you have meant to me,
I cannot believe you say the things you do
I've given you my heart and the best parts of who I am
Yet your words and actions only prove that it means nothing to you

This love has left me numb, angry and sad
What hurts me most is that I know how beautiful it could be
If you would only give a damn, just once
About a life that you could easily make come true
Instead of allowing it to slip away,
And then being sad later for what you had

Sometimes I wonder if it's to late to try
And salvage any of the love we once had
Because I see nothing when I look into your eyes for me
And it makes me want to cry

Where does the love go when it leaves you
Or dare I ask if it was ever here
Because each time I turn around
I see another part of you just disappear

At times it makes me so sad, that all I do is cry
But most times it leaves me numb and hollow
Leaving me feeling less than a person should
And like your love for me, I want to want to die

I truly don't know what else I can do
To make our life mean more to you.
Who else must I be?
other than who I am
To make you want to be a part of me

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