Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Cheating Game

Due to the overwhelming response that I received regarding yesterday’s topic, I decided to render a “part two” for today.

I would like to go on recording stating the obvious, right off the cuff. That is, all the opinions stated within this blog are simply that – JUST MY OPINIONS.

I am after all solely one voice – but indeed a strong one when it comes to voicing what I believe in.

In today’s society it almost seems that cheating has become a fashion statement. Where some individuals change their taste in partners like they change their clothes – VERY FREQUENTLY! Nowadays, it’s that much simpler for those seeking an affair to not have to venture out or look very far. Sadly, it can now all begin right in the comfort of your own home. We have technology to thank for that.

Once upon a time there were no “online sites”, such as the one I listed yesterday to get onto, for the sole purpose of having an affair. Truly all dating sites are the perfect avenue to look for such a thing really. All you have to do is simply lie about your relationship status and meet hundreds of different potentials at the click of a button. We also have telephone dating services now which serve the same purpose, only they are live and you get to hear what that person sounds like immediately.

They categorize their clients in the following manner: Love/Steady Relationships. Friendship, Mingling/Dating and finally the most popular of them all: Intimate Encounters. These lines are set up so conveniently that you don’t even have to leave your front door to be unfaithful. Just simply pick up the phone (whenever you’re feeling a little frisky) and have creative/erotic conversations with the man/woman of your dreams anytime. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Oh Gia, these types of lines have always been around” Yes true, but the difference between the old “800 lines” and these new lines is this: If you connect with an individual(s) you simply exchange numbers and explore one another off of the system. Not exactly something one could do with the “Babes” from the 1-800 lines now is it? The purpose of these new lines is that you get to meet “like minded people” who are ready and willing to jump as fast and as high as you are. So the thrill is more alluring. Which brings me to the next technological gadget: The cellphone?

Some individuals have cheated before ever touching anyone else. It’s called erotic texting/voicemails and phone sex. Statistics show that it is the initial way people begin physical relationships in the 21 century. Even after physical encounters, people will still continue to have sexual contact in this manner simply because it’s easy and can prove to be incredibly erotic. After all, what most people don’t understand is that sex ALWAYS begins in the mind first and foremost.

Anyone can put you in a sexual state simply by walking past you.  Yet, forcing someone to paint a picture of a fantasy and act it out in their mind is completely another thing altogether.

This brings to mind several questions for all of you?

Firstly, what do you consider cheating exactly? Could it be a lingering stare at someone? A wink, a smile? Telling someone that you find them sexy? A quick peck on the lips? A long deep kiss? Giving someone of the opposite sex your phone number (even if it’s a co-worker that you swear up and down is only for business reasons)? Would you consider having phone sex cheating? Or agreeing to meet someone solely for a drink – with no intention of sex? I’m curious what you all think.

Secondly, I have never understood how so many individuals can get caught with 10, 20 or more saved text messages on their cell phones  All of them feeding sexual desires and sent to them by a lover(s). Well, no one said all people who cheat are bright now did they? *giggles* Delete all evidence! Hell murders even know this folks? A simple task right? Yet, time and time again marriages have ended badly because of them. Tiger Woods, Tony Parker, the list goes on and on.

Finally. Would you ever be able to forgive someone who cheated on you? Perhaps we all could in time, but would you allow the relationship (and your partner) another chance and try to make things work? Personally for me, the answer would be: NO! I do think of myself as a judgmental and unforgiving person however, trust is incredibly significant to me. If something like that were to ever happened to me, I don’t think I could ever trust that person again. Not to mention the fact that if I tried to work it out, it would change me. I would become the kind of person that I would hate, and that would not be fair to either of us – much less the relationship. Our love wouldn’t stand a chance. I would second guess every word, every gesture, every phone conversation and every email to think the worst. I just couldn’t live that way.

Many thanks to all my readers and for all your emails on this topic! It is truly sad that something so hurtful and negative gets such hype.

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