Saturday, November 27, 2010

Visions of Christmas Dancing In My Head

This has got to be my most favourite time of year.  It has been ever since I was very little.
It's a time of year where I truly believe that good things can happen.  Especially if things have been rough over the past year, Christmas always gives you that extra bit of "hope and encouragement" to hold on to your faith of everything.

I truly believe that as people, we either hate Christmas or we love it.  There really is no in-between.
I don't get all caught up in the hustle and bustle of shopping, as it's not really my thing.  However, I do love the store decor in the display windows.  I love the snow (when I'm not driving in it)  I love the way my home is always filled with the smell of cookies baking in the oven, or the fragrance of apple cinnamon candles burning.  I love the tree, the wreath and all the lights.  It just all seems so magical.

Most of all, I love it so, because I was always brought up in a household that believed in it.  Christmas was always an incredible sight in my parents home.  My Mom always went out of her way to have the entire house filled with Christmas decor.  My Grandmother always telling Christmas stories, teaching us what the true meaning of it all really was.  It was wonderful!  If you haven't had great memories of the season growing up than I believe that you will never have that love for it within your life.  However, once you've experienced just one happy memory of it, you will change your mind forever.

As I learned so very long ago, this is a time when the year truly begins.  A time when we can start anew and truly become the individuals we've always wanted to be.  Begin some charity work, help others in any way you can, laugh hard and often, and always show kindness and forgiveness to all those you meet.

So in honor of the season, I have made up some poems in hopes to get everyone in the mood.  It will not be uncommon to see them often throughout the coming month, so be fore-warned!
I hope you enjoy them..

As we grow up why do we loose that "Christmas Thrill"

Why are we too busy to decorate the tree,
Make Christmas cookies,
Send cards,
And sing carols with happiness and glee

Remember Christmas time as a child?
A time when everything was so pretty in white
One of snowmen and snow angels
And laughing uncontrollably as we had snowball fights

The feeling we used to get in our tummys
When Mommy said: "It's time to put up the tree and have some egg nog too"
And the excitement we felt when we looked at all the presents
Especially those that Daddy said were all for you

We are so quick to dismiss most things that Christmas represents
And I'm not just speaking of the obvious things
Like decor, mistl toe and presents

But rather the kindness of heart that this season should bring
To remember those who are less fortunate than you
To be kind to others as you walk on by
Perhaps with a smile, or holding open a door
Or by simply remembering to say I love you too.

So this year try and remember what this time of year has always meant to you

Get excited and allow your soul to be filled with Christmas magic
Allow yourself to love, to share and to be the happiest you have ever been with family and friends
For if you put it off until next year, because you are too busy
You will miss out on all the memories you could have created that may not be possible next Christmas
And wouldn't that be tragic....

This year when I contemplate about what Christmas means,
I confess that I will not have to think for long
Because you have all given me more than I could ever imagine or ask for
Your love, your kindness and your support
With all of this, how can this girl ever go wrong...

Wishing you all a Christmas filled with laughter, love and light,
A feeling of warmth and togetherness
That exceeds your appetite

And when Christmas is over
Remember all you've learned from my poem this year
And carry it with you in the months to come
So your life with always be filled with an abundance of happiness and cheer

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