Thursday, December 2, 2010

The True Price For Sex

Will Ontario make "Prostitution" legal in Ontario?

With all of the more relevant issues surrounding our society today, our Government's concern is trying to legalize life's oldest profession. 

I am not the kind of person who persecutes or passes judgement however, I believe that this will bring much more pain than it will pleasure.  Technically, Prostitution is already legal in Canada (as a whole) but the surrounding aspects of it is still very much illegal. 

Like drugs and alcohol, sex is very much a powerful addiction.  One that is seldom heard of or cared about.  What will this mean for the "Sex Addict" exactly?  It will mean that these individuals can freely and openly act out on their addiction daily - without remorse.  Most Addicts find it hard (if not impossible) to refrain from indulging in their additions in a normal arena, much less an "open forum"  Not all Addicts give into their poison but let's face it, most do.  In all truth, if a drug/alcohol Addict never had another drop of liquor or drug ever again in their lifetime they would survive.  Sex, on the other hand is very much a different story.  It ties in (once again) with our basic fundamental needs.  As human beings we cannot simply go on in our everyday lives without it.  It can be done, but it's not recommended or healthy.  I feel for the Addict. Not only for them but more so for the individuals which surround their lives.  What will they do?  They barely have control over the addiction as it is.  Now they have another "dangling carrot" in the horizon.  It must feeling incredibly overwhelming.  Basically fighting a losing battle.

Yet, like tobacco companies, if  Prostitution is "fully legalized" in this country it will only mean more revenue for the Government.  True or false?  We are all aware that the Government has the power to ban stuff that is unhealthy for us ( like cigarettes) but they don't - especially when it generates billions of dollars each year.  Still, they spend an obscene amount of money on ad campaigns each year promoting healthy lifestyles. 

Will this mean that we will be seeing Prostitutes in our residential areas?  Yes.  Will this mean that our neighbourhoods may in fact become unsafe for our children to freely roam around it?  Possibly.  Will crime be on the rise if this profession is in fact legalized? Absolutely!  Let's face it folks, Prostitution itself may not be considered an "out-right crime" however, there are a mine field of criminal activities that go hand in hand with the entire idea.

I wonder if paying for sex will also include H.S.T. attached to it?  Hmm...

Another avenue that truly saddens me about this entire ordeal is that more and more women will be exploited.  Women are already forced into this sort of lifestyle because it's an easy means to a great income.  How many more will suffer because they are just too weak to walk away from it all? 

I truly hope there is a great deal of consideration that will go into making a decision of this calibre.  Sadly, something tells me that once again, the Government will give into "pressures" and allow it to happen.  I'm not sure about you, but I think there is a huge price we will all be paying for sex. So let us have a voice now, before it's too late to be heard.

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