Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pedometers...don't leave home without one!

 I recently bought myself a pedometer, as a direct suggestion from my nutritionist.  I'm sure you've all seen them or at least heard of them.  It's one of those things that you set up, clip onto your clothing and begin walking.  It's purpose is to measure exactly how many steps one actually takes, on any given day.  Or, in my case how many steps I don't take on any given day. 

I began on Monday morning.  I woke up, showered and got ready for work.  Before leaving home, I set it up (entering your weight/height) clipped it onto my pants and began my day.  This one is actually really neat because it will buzz you each time you've hit a 1000 steps and will also mark how many calories you burn as you go along.  On this day, I am sad to report that I never got " a buzz".  I waited and must have checked on it a million times a day.  Nothing extraordinary happened.

By Wednesday, I had gotten used to the idea of clipping it on the moment I got out of bed and before long I was feeling that beautiful "buzzing vibration" that I'd been hearing so much about.  It was really motivating to check on it and see the progress.

By Friday morning, I was on cloud 9.  I had broken all my records of the days past and was looking forward to doing even more the next day. 

Here I sit, Sunday morning, and I just had to communicate to all of you just how wonderful this little mechanism is.  When I began using it on the first day I felt down and depressed almost, because of how low my numbers really were.  What I didn't realize at the time is how that number would motivate me to change things for the rest of the week.  I would never have imagined that something like a pedometer would actually inspire me to move more and feel great.  I am nowhere near the recommended "10,000" steps per day, but am fully conscious of the fact that I must more toward that goal each and every day.  I realize that I have a very inactive workday, but it only means that I need to motivate, encourage myself and keep focused on the idea that I need to "get up and move" more each and every day.  I know that soon enough 10,000 steps will seem too low for me to live with on any given day and will strive for more. 

I truly recommend all of you to get one.  You'd be surprised how much it will change your way of thinking.
I learned a lot this week after wearing it.  It's opened my eyes to a lot of different things - especially to the fact that no matter what you've got going on in your life, YOU must always matter most of all.

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