Sunday, December 12, 2010

A woman approached me the other day and wanted to share how much she has truly enjoyed my writing over the years.  She told me that she has read individual thoughts before, but for some reason mine really touched her.  For years I always wondered what that moment would feel like.  When someone you barely know approaches you and tells you that something you've done has touched them in such a way that truly unexplainable.  I thought about what I would say, how I would react, but one is never quite prepared for such an event - at least I wasn't.  What I can say is that I was incredibly humbled by the entire experience.  However nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen next.

The woman began speaking to me about her family.  She told me about her daughter, then her son and how proud she was of them and all they have meant to her.  Then she told me about her husband.  As she spoke I began to notice how tears filled her eyes.  Then suddenly, they cleared and her face exuded a love and warmth I could barely explain with mere words.  She told me how much she loved him and how he truly made both her and her family unit whole.  She spoke with such love for this man, in a manner that I haven't heard anyone refer to their other half in all my life.  In a world filled with so much cynicism surrounding love and marriage, here was a woman who could truly show everyone how it's really done!  She was the epitome of what those two words were truly about.  It was utterly beautiful and I am so thankful to have been part of it all.

Then, she asked me how I would feel about writing a eulogy for him.  The look on my face must have spoken volumes because the next thing she asked was if I was alright.  Then it suddenly made sense, the tears in her eyes when she spoke of him, the glow of love that filled her face when she told me about him and now the eulogy. "He must be ill", I thought. So I decided to ask her.  She said that he was in perfect health, but that he is such a great man and didn't want to "misrepresent him" when the time came.  I stood in "awe" of this woman as she stood there and went into great detail about her life with him.  How lucky she was to love a man as much as she did and more importantly, how much she was loved in return.

I have often wondered if real love like that actually exists.  I certainly have written about it, I've definitely dreamt of it and I have always hoped to both give it and find it in my own life someday.  Yet, as much as I have ever dared to dream of such a thing, I was so delighted to finally have the answer smack me straight in the face.  Oh, and what a beautiful blow it was.  There truly is hope for love out there.  Love, in it's truest form does exist.  Even in a world filled with so much negativity surrounding it.

The entire thing actually made my heart smile.  I loved sitting there watching her every emotion come alive while she spoke of their love.  Wondering if I would ever speak about someone like that.  More importantly, wondering if anyone would ever speak of me that way.   Nevertheless, it was a very comforting thought that it is absolutely possible.

I told the woman that it would be my honor and distinct pleasure to be a part of their love.  When the time comes ( may it be a million years away) I will do my best to represent in words all that this man had come to mean to her -within this lifetime.  Having met her and hearing about this beautiful love, I truly do not believe I could ever put into words all that they have shared...but I will do my best to try. 

She looked at me and smiled.  " After reading your words and having the opportunity to know a little bit about the woman you are, I wouldn't dare dream of asking anyone else.  You are just the person to express my love"  Those precious words were followed by the longest, deepest and sweetest embrace I had felt in a long time.

A special thank you to that woman.  She reminded me why I ever wanted to write in the first place. 

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